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    Floppies in space?

    Just curious - did somebody even taken floppies to space/cosmos/ISS or other? Maybe there is some video somewhere? Or even tested if they work in micro-near zero gravity? Thanks for reply in advance.
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    DIY floppy?

    Hi and thanks for answering in advance. Did You known how to make You own floppy disk(e.g. 5,25)? Maybe there is some "recipe" from old times? I known at least one but quite modern - using CDs and compact cassette magnetic tape, but it is from times when was easier to buy a cassette in local...
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    Polish computers in American/Stasi Archives?

    Hi and thank You for sharing in advance. I am generally looking for info about Polish computers, and after seeing(legally) released for public papers about EC systems, I think that American or even NRD(GDR)/Stasi Archives can contain some info about vintage Polish computers. Especially would be...
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    Remote jobs in computer games ?

    If it's not banned on forum, I want to ask how the "market" look currently. Are there many remote jobs in computer games companies in Your country/state? Especially for junior programmers? What are the minimum wages? Are the jobs "really remote" or You must waste time and in fact relocate...
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    Open Toaster - hardware?

    Hi and thank You for answering in advance There is something like Open Video Toaster project and I want to ask if there is anything in hardware version? Did somebody made an open-source replica? Yes, would be great to have original but sadly it look like it is getting harder(and pricier if I can...
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    Mitsubishi MF504C-312M

    Hi and thank You for reply in advance. I have the Mitsubishi MF504C-312M floppy drive and yes I found instruction for MF504C. Generally I want to known more about drive, especially about undocumented pins like DD (is it something for double density?). As I am a collector(but with very limited...
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    Taxpayers benefits in California?

    I am not resident of California, but read much(or too much) about taxes there. If I understand well, You must pay tax even buying something old and obsolete on ebay for (example) 1$ worth. Does taxpayers in California have some unusual benefits because they collect so much tax?
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    Should we add section for Pentium IV machines?

    Just recently got ATX supply(from repair) for my x86 machine, and was thinking about this for some time. In fact the 32 bits becomes obsolete(and it is probably hard to buy in supermarket new 32 bit machine, because most switched to 64 bit), and vintage in some way(if not why we have there early...
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    World Trade Center(org.) - Computers?

    Not too much about politics in this topic - but I am interested in computer side of World Trade Center(the original). Generally - what was the first computer(s) installed in the towers? Maybe You known? Does the later bureau computers followed the trends in microcomputers or were something...
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    Prices in Walmart...

    Hopefully it is not banned on forum. Why the Walmart is so ... costly! Let check the price of the sausage, start with 1st probably one of the cheapest. Bridgford Summer Sausage, 16 Oz. cost $4.88. It gives about 40,77092511 złotych / 1 kg. In Poland average sausage(and this is what average...
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    Self driving cars?

    Just want to discuss about self-driving cars. Maybe You have Tesla or other? Or live in Phoenix, Arizona and ride "car without driver", or "robo-taxi" depending how You call it? If You want to read about my experience - it's not big. If it is count as "self driving car"(but this was not on...
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    You don't have slow computer

    Client: My new shiny (modern computer parameters according to year of question) is so slow and it is jamming etc. IT: You don't have a slow computer. Client: Really? IT: It is educational computer. It teaches You patience...
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    Unicomp MPC DosVersion 3 - any info ?

    Hi and thank You for reading and answering I have an opportunity to buy floppy disk, which according to seller contains Unicomp MPC DosVersion 3, because he probably checked one of the floppies with the hexeditor or something similar. It is some Polish version of it because in the same there is...
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    Civilization 2 for Win 3.0?

    Hi and thank You for reply in advance Was there even version of Civ2 that You can run on Win 3.0 (NOT 3.1)? It look like 16 bit application in one of the versions. Or maybe You known how to run Win 3.1 version on Win 3.0 or less?
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    Jumper 300 on 3,5 floppy drives - what use?

    Hi and thank You for reply in advance I have an YD-701B-6031B floppy drive(sadly no manual for it, if You have a manual/service please share) - and according to similar drives manual on Internet I guess that jumper 300 is not the speed of the drive(like in case of 5,25 probably) but it is the...
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    Kyocera DA-1 any info?

    Hi and thank You in advance for answering. As I am looking to expand my probably "cheap and interesting camera collection" and also big fan of floppy disks, I am looking for something related to Video Floppy disk. Sadly I don't have a video floppy disk reader, and it may be costly. I found the...
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    DynaTAC 8000X

    Hi and thank You for sharing in advance Did You used a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X? What was uising it for You? How did You feel?
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    A. L. F. 2 scsi

    Hi and thank You for answering in advance Do You have a manual for A2000 Zorro SCSI controller A. L. F. 2? Or known what the jumpers are for? Just I have a problem with SCSI2SD. The Amiga is booting with Quantum hard drive(that was inserted many years ago with the controller) to "insert floppy...
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    DOSbox and Pentium 4 machines?

    Hi and thank You for answering in advance Just curious is modern DOSBox(or similar) capable of emulating Pentium 4 machines like that with P4XFCU board, Radeon 9200 / Nvidia 6600 and using Win98SE? With exact/similar speed of real machine on quite modern like Asus ROG with Core i7 7th Gen? As...
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    Still "too big to fit in memory"...

    I am trying to use @ACLOGO.EXE from floppies that I bought(sadly first floppy is probably broken, and this program is on second 5,25 DD floppy). So guessing that it may work with PC-DOS 2.0 I tried and failed, despite chkdsk is showing 629760 bytes free... Thanks for reply in advance, maybe You...