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    Keytronic Pad Materials

    The last time I made these, I was using antistatic bags as the mylar layer. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific source for any of the materials. I was using weatherstripping foam tape from the hardware store, old antistatic bags, and some thin plastic that I'd acquired... somewhere. My...
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    PDP-11/05, won't deposit from front panel

    I have a PDP-11/05 which won't deposit into memory from the front panel. I can examine, and I can run code already in memory, but I can't deposit. Toggling the deposit switch will display the correct value on the lights, and will increment the address, but nothing ever actually gets written to...
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    A quick guide to floppy disks

    It's funny. I hear lots of new/younger users whine and complain how "unreliable" floppy disks and drives are. They aren't. You're just doing it wrong. :D Cared for properly, floppy disks can be a very reliable medium. Sure, they're not as robust as a modern USB flash drive, but remember: this...
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    Help with an old monitor

    Looking back at the pictures you posted earlier... What is the word printed on the PCB below this connector? It looks like it says "SYNC" If this is true, then you have Red, Green, Blue and Sync. -Ian
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    DEC Rainbow User's Guide

    I found this yesterday while looking for information on the DEC Rainbow. I thought it was pretty good... especially considering the way the *actual* manuals for this machine are written. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Advanced User's Guide to...
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    Wanted: NeXT monochrome monitor

    I'm sick of looking at this lonely, headless NeXT slab. Does anyone have a monochrome NeXT monitor they don't need? Thanks! -Ian
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    Wanted: Apple Profile hard drive, working or non

    Looking for an Apple Profile hard disk, dead or alive, just so long as it's complete. -Ian
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    Fun with upgrades - why I probably shouldn't be allowed near a soldering iron.

    A 4 megabyte memory board for the Apple IIgs. This is a normal Apple 1mb expansion board, stripped of all it's sockets and RAM, with 4 1mb 30 pin SIMMs glued to it with carpet tape. Simply solder wires to the SIMMs and to all the relevant lines on the board (address, data, RAS and CAS). The...
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    Looking for stray/unwanted Apple II hardware...

    Working on project involving multiple Apple II computers, and I could use some extra hardware. Anyone got any of the ubiquitous ex-classroom II+/IIe/IIgs'en that could use new homes? Could also use disk drives and monitors, third party OK. I don't care if the stuff works or not, I have parts. -Ian
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    Anyone got a dead Apple Profile?

    Looking for a dead Profile for parts... Anyone got one hanging around? Thanks! -Ian
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    Wanted: Apple III parts

    I'm looking for a couple of parts for my Apple III - I need the '6' keycap for the numeric keypad, and a keyswitch. I'm also looking for an Apple III disk drive analog board. Thanks! -Ian
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    Wanted: Sun monochrome monitor

    I'm looking for a Sun monochrome workstation monitor for a Sun 3/60 or similar. Anyone have one that they would part with? Thanks! -Ian
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    DOS NFS client?

    One thing I've been trying to track down for a while is an NFS client for DOS. I'd really like to be able to mount an NFS share as a drive letter. I remember using something called (I think) PC-NFS a long time ago, but I can't find it now. Any ideas? -Ian
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    Wanted: EPROMs

    I'm looking for EPROM chips. Used/untested is fine. I'm particularly looking for larger chips - 2, 4 and 8 megabit 8-bit wide chips as well as 16 bit wide chips, but I use rather a lot of EPROMs, so if you have a pile you don't have a use for (any kind), let me know. Thanks! -Ian
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    3480/3490 SCSI interface tape drive?

    I've come across a whole pile of IBM 3480 cartridges, but don't have the associated drive. I know that many different types of drive exist that take these cartridges, such as the DEC TKZ60 and others. Anyone know of available drives? -Ian
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    Looking for an Ann Arbor Ambassador terminal

    This is one of those things that I've been looking for - an Ann Arbor Ambassador terminal. It's a fairly standard RS-232 terminal, but with the ability to display more lines than usual. Anyone have one they want to part with? -Ian
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    Intel DX4 upgrade processor?

    While sorting through the junk in the basement, I came across an old Dell motherboard with an Intel DX4 processor upgrade on it. For reference, the Intel DX4 is a triple-clocked 486. It lives on a little adapter board with a voltage regulator on it, since it runs at 3.3v and not the 5v of the...
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    Looking for blank/used DC6150/DC600 tapes

    I'm looking for some more blank tapes, DC6150 or DC600. They're the large format QIC tapes used in drives such as the Archive Viper 150. I'm working on a couple of machines that boot from these, and I currently only have the one blank tape... So, anyone got some used tapes laying around? -Ian
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    Wanted: EISA based PC

    Digging through boxes of parts, I realized that I have a fair number of EISA boards that I've accumulated. Unfortunately, I no longer have an EISA based PC in which to use them. A one time, about ten years ago, I had an old Compaq Deskpro - a 486 with EISA bus. That was kind of a fun machine...
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    External floppy drive enclosures

    I'm looking for a couple external 5 1/4" floppy drive boxes. A lot of machines (TRS-80, Heath, etc.) didn't have internal drive mountings, or not enough of them, and used standard floppy drives in external boxes with power supplies. I'm looking for a few of those external boxes. Anything will...