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  1. mR_Slug

    Old IBM PS2 pcs value

    You aren't sitting on a goldmine but they tend to get good prices on eBay for what they are. You have to be an idiot to get into PS/2s - I have 10.
  2. mR_Slug


    What tasks you can use a computer for, has always interested me. OK they are all universal Turing machines but practicably. In the mid 80s DTP is what set the high-end PCs from the low end. Didn't really become sensible until VGA and square pixels. Early 90s it was Multimedia, and late 90s i...
  3. mR_Slug


    I'm not sure that all that software bloat is necessary. I can understand that good enough from a corporate standpoint provides software at a reasonable price. Something like a WYSIWYG editor that is optimized to the point of hand asm would require too many hours of programming and bug checking...
  4. mR_Slug

    Where can I find all Windows 7 updates sorted by date please?

    Have to echo the points about win7. I run it on two laptops connected to the net. Only realized they didn't have any service packs until recently. They have been fine, and one doesn't even have av. One of my desktops still runs xp thats fine too. Everything is behind NAT. Everything has had...
  5. mR_Slug

    Cant see the memory read on a 5150

    A 5150 is a PC a 5160 is an XT. the 5150 does not show a memory count. Which one do you have?
  6. mR_Slug

    Multiple Motherboards/System Boards

    I just put the motherboard on a thick book, so the backplates drop down behind it. Connect PSU and have a keyboard and monitor nearby. Next to that I do my soldering. Though at present it is just all plied up on top of a computer as i need to sort out my workshop. I don't see the point of those...
  7. mR_Slug

    Floppy drive A & B spin at the same time

    I don't know the PPC512. The PC1640 and PC1512 dont use the IBM twisted cable. You have a straight cable and you set the first drive to DS0 and the second to DS1. (jumpers on the floppy drive)
  8. mR_Slug

    Trying to use dormant telephone wire through house walls for null modem/terminal stuff

    Please don't do this. Aside from electrical problems with like Ethernet, you have a maze of wires to deal with. And if something doesn't run right, you will constantly be worrying if your connections are good. As others have stated run it in a star configuration. For POTS, here, the standard was...
  9. mR_Slug

    I'm new here.

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. mR_Slug

    Very late to the party

    I don't think so. Though fuel currently at nearly 10GBP a gallon here I doubt many could attend:-)
  11. mR_Slug

    Very late to the party

    Welcome to the forum. Wish i could attend VCFs but it is a bit of a trip for me. You need to make 10 posts before you can PM and get out of moderated posts. Its annoying but it cuts out spammers.
  12. mR_Slug

    Using Adaptec SCSI card, MSDOS 6.22 fails to partition (FDISK) and format SCSI drive

    This thread is getting confusing. First your autoexec.bat and config.sys files are these located on the SCSI hdd you are trying to access? If so they are unneeded as chuck(g) pointed out. If you boot from floppy and access the drive, if it is set to id 0 then there is no need for the drivers...
  13. mR_Slug

    Xener branded chassis with V286-12 motherboard

    I use vinegar and wads of toilet paper to keep the area moist. The blue wicks into the paper. You may have to do the process 10 times on a board like that. Some people use Navy or navel jelly I have not explored that option.
  14. mR_Slug

    Xener branded chassis with V286-12 motherboard

    I have updated our page on the board. Now has your photo and the identified chipset. https://www.ultimateretro.net/en/motherboards/5230 Yes you have some Battery leakage to deal with, and possible some traces to fix. thank you for the pic.
  15. mR_Slug

    Fixing my 5160

    The only tantrum I had explode was on a 486 motherboard, and it was quite violent. Luckily I wasn't in its path. Had another on my 5160 that when turned on just lit a flame on the top of it. This is in some ways more worrying as a loud bang alerts you to a failure. Had the case been on, I very...
  16. mR_Slug

    Xener branded chassis with V286-12 motherboard

    We have your board on ultimateretro.net. https://www.ultimateretro.net/en/motherboards/5230 Currently we dont have any more info on it than what you found on the other site (th99). Would it be possible to get a photo of the board we could use on our site? Ideally out of the case that would...
  17. mR_Slug

    IBM PC 5150 Rev.A (Early S/N : 0101876)

    On 122448, what is the mb p/n? and does it have a brown/white psu header?
  18. mR_Slug

    Overclocking Everex 1816

    Thanks, though we really need a picture of the whole board to match the diagram. If you dont want to take the board out of the case i completely understand, Either way to tell you the chipset, I need a pic that included the big square chips on the board. If this can be dated as '87 it is a top...
  19. mR_Slug

    IBM PC 5150 Rev.A (Early S/N : 0101876)

    OK this is very interesting. You have the oldest 5150 I have on file and the first with a plastic speaker mount. Last I have on file with a metal one is 0122227, yours is 0122448 so that's like approx 200 machines in between. we are getting very close on the speaker mount issue. Wish we were...
  20. mR_Slug

    Overclocking Everex 1816

    I found it on UR: https://www.ultimateretro.net/en/motherboards/2297 We currently don't have a image of it and if you can post one I can tell you what chipset it has. Many early chipsets for the 386 only work up to 20MHz. Clocking it above this overclocks the chipset as well so you may run into...