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    Can’t get direct cable connection to work

    Yes, Laplink 5 for DOS or Laplink 6 for Win 3.1. (LL 7 for Win95) You can build cable easy, check on internet laplink serial cable pinout and create one.
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    Darn power connectors never work right for me

    Never heard of this before either. Molex seems to be strong, sometimes I can't remove them. Or maybe it's the wire that is damaged?
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    Can’t get direct cable connection to work

    I remember having problems with DCC on some computers. Sometimes it would work perfectly, sometimes it would just disconnect randomly, on 2 identical computers. Never understood what was wrong, maybe some extra stuff to config in Windows.
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    Your first Atari, and last?

    First Atari : 2600 Last Atari : 2600 Quickly switched to PC and never really touched consoles. Too busy back then haha
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    Oldest games you know

    Atari 2600, I remember of a Pacman game, and another game where you had to climb mountains, King Mountain or something like that. It was at a colleague's house.
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    Sharp PC-6300

    All I could find - CPU: 386SX 8 or 20 MHz - RAM: 2mb expandable to 8mb - hard disk: 40mb - floppy drive: optional - display: 640 x 480 VGA mono - ports: parallel, serial, external FDD, numeric keypad, expansion bus - dimensions: 279 x 206 x 34 mm - weight: 2.0kg - battery: NiCad (up to 3.5hours...
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    Hello from Brazil

    I used Siemens automation stuff too, loooong ago. I had few macs at home, sold them all, all died because of SCSI hard drives, couldn't replace them. I also remember problems with floppy drives too.
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    Compact Mac Screws?

    You have to find a +5V or +12V supply somewhere and create a voltage divider to 3.6+0.7 = 4.3V and conntect it to a supercap after a diode that will drop 0.7V. If you don't put the diode the supercap will dischard in the divider, not good. You can find voltage divider calculation online.
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    Compaq Presario 5050 doesn't recognize CF card

    For 1 I don't know. For 2 the BIOS Setup was located on a specific partition of the drive.You had to hold F10 as far as I remember. There were a utility back in the days from Compaq to rebuild it. It should be on the system CD you have.
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    Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook S-5582 CMOS battery change

    Having worked with Siemens computers, I can confirm that changing CMOS battery can cause problems (especially BIOS showing errors for no reason). Better do hot swap so nothing is lost in the process.
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    Dark spots on screen - Powerbook 180

    You can try to put the mac exposed at direct sunlight, just like written in the wiki page. Careful to not burn it. It's not summer yet so it should be ok. I was using hair dryer back in the days. Be very careful and it'll be gone.
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    Compact Mac Screws?

    For the battery you can use supercapacitors (2 of them, as they are usually 2.7V rated) with a voltage divider bridge, so it loads at 3.6V when the system is powered on.
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    Mac Classic restoring from two logic boards

    likely not boot or show that checkerboard screen.. Maybe you should take the chip from the other board, safer option. Unless it's also damaged.
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    Compaq LTE 5100 Ram module problems

    I had this one at work long ago, I remember it had 8mb RAM. We wanted to upgrade, but we had same problem, stuck at 8mb (or black screen with some modules). Never managed to add more.
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    Hello from Brazil

    Hello Just discovered this forum, looks great. Worked with many PCs back to the 386 era, in different countries. Now retired, but still moving from country to country, visiting old colleagues. I have some old PCs in the attic, need to find time to check them. Most 386 up to more recent Windows...