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    Tandy 6000 European version

    Hi folks. I managed to find a rare beast : a Tandy 6000HD, European version. It boots fine from the 8" floppy, and I am now using a HxC to try various images. The HD seems dead for now. Now, the main issue I have is this : the screen is stable when the rom is displaying the boot error messages...
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    Some progress for FreHD on model 2

    Hi folks. Wanted to share some progress. I have hacked mame to support FreHD on the model 2, so I can understand what's going on (since my model 2 has a broken floppy disk and no hd interface card). FreHD will require a little mod and a new GAL to work on the model 2, Hans and I are working on...
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    model 2 PSU fixations

    Hi folks... (model 2 owners !) I am rebuilding my model 2, which is now super clean... but noticed that the power supply has 5 screws and 5 separators : 4 of them are metallic, and 1 is plastic. I see on the bottom side of the PCB that 2 holes have copper connection, and I now wonder which one...
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    Model 2 restoration

    Hi guys. As some of you may know, I finally found a model 2 and I am willing to design a new FreHD to work with it (and support usb flash drive, faster, etc..). At this point, I am restoring the poor thing. Keyboard foam already done, and as of just now, the model 2 is completely dismantled :)...
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    Tandy 1000 FS @ Weirdstuff

    Seen this morning (I didn't buy it, not interested in PC stuff). Weirdstuff, Sunnyvale. I missed a model 2 there, 2-3 years ago (in perfect shape, at $200... still regret it) -Fred
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    Practical Peripherals SeriaLL

    Hi. I have this serial card, supposedly compatible with the Super Serial... Looking for the manual and/or any other information... [Google did only point to an old thread on apple fritter, but no documentation] Thanks ! -Fred
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    Model 4/4P

    Here are 2 pictures of my 4P. I was lucky to find (a long time ago, in an old PC-XT) a 5.25 -> 3.5 adapter, which has a card edge connector on one side and the usual 34 pins floppy connector on the other side, so I can put any 3.5 drive and "it just works". (on my other TRS80, I modify TEAC 3.5...
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    4P motherboard

    Hi. I recently acquired a 4P. The motherboard has a mod with 2 wires on the eprom. (Machine has a low serial number). I dumped the eprom, and it's the regular one. Therefore, I wonder if this mod is genuine or not. (I intend to hack the 4P rom to add a better FreHD support) Anybody in the...
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    Model 4 boots from FreHD !

    Hi. I had some spare time (thanks to vacation days!) and I added the capability to boot from FreHD on my model 4. So far, I am able to boot - LSDOS 6.3.1 - CPM 2.2 - LDOS 5.3.1 The code is not 100% polished yet, but it works nicely. You don't have to patch the OS (unlike the 4P), it's all...
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    LDOS 6.3.1 rebuilt on a real TRS80 with FreHD

    Yesterday, I rebuilt LDOS 6.3.1 on my model 4, using the FreHD. It is much slower than xtrs on my laptop, but it's a milestone. AFAIK, this hasn't been done for years. Pete Cervasio, who packaged and created JCL scripts to build LDOS, rebuilt LDOS on his emulator, but never on a real TRS80. It...