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  1. J

    Grand Pre-Re-Opening of CPG Store

    Awkwardly worded, but this is the Pre-Opening of the Re-Opening of the CPG store. Due to several factors, the eBay store was closed; replaced with our very own storefront. All of the listings are being migrated over, plus new items that were never listed before. Currently about 40% of the...
  2. J

    WTB: Small 3.5" Disk Boxes

    Would any of these work for you? The soft-sided holds 10, the dvd looking ones hold 4, and the small ones hold 4-5. Make an offer...
  3. J

    FREE: 3x AT Cases (For Pickup)

    See pics - just bare shells Must pickup from Lake Worth, FL 33467
  4. J

    WTB: 8 bit or 8 bit capable ISA memory board

    I've got an an Acculogic RAMpAT new in the box (photos attached). Would physically fit in a Tandy 1000, although I've never checked the drivers to see if it supports 8-Bit EMS. If this would work for you, send me a PM.
  5. J

    IBM 5150(B) Motherboard or BIOS Differences?

    I have two 5150's (64-256k). Both have the 1501476 BIOS (10/27/82). Both have been stripped down to a minimal config - 256k RAM on motherboard and no expansion cards. Both have the switch settings the same. First system will work 100% with a 16-bit VGA card. Second system will NEVER work with...
  6. J

    Working Around 5161 Expansion Unit Wait State - CONFIRMED

    The expansion unit is such a cool device, but it comes at a price - an extra wait state... I understand that decoupling the bus and re-creating it on an external device would have a penalty, but why should the on-board (i.e. system unit in IBM speak) have to suffer as well? I would love to put...
  7. J

    Real Cheap: Gateway P5-166 Case + Cd + Floppy

    It's in rough shape, missing the door and side panel. But does include the model-specific CD-ROM and Floppy. Can be picked up locally for a 6-pak. I guess I could ship it, but it'll cost you a case(of beer) plus actual shipping. Going to the scrappers in 1 week, so better hurry :)
  8. J

    WTB: S100 Static RAM card

    I wish I knew more about S-100, but I do have a couple of SRAM boards from a project I never had time for. Boards are 32kb, appear new, and made by Motorola/CMS, photos attached:
  9. J

    AP43 Motherboard Questions

    Looking to get one for my "ultimate" 486 project. The motherboard manual states different things than the chipset datasheet. Anyone know the truth? EDO DRAM: Manuals says no, but datasheet says yes (and shows better timings) 1MB Cache: Manual says no, but datasheet says yes 256MB RAM: Manual...
  10. J

    WTB Socket 4 Motherboard

    Photos of my board
  11. J

    WTB Socket 4 Motherboard

    I've sort-of got one... Think it's from a Packard Bell, but it really looks like an intel oem board. Not a standard at form factor, but appears to take an at power supply. I don't have the ISA riser, but since everything is integrated, not sure its needed. Includes a 60mhz CPU and 8MB RAM. Found...
  12. J

    Wanted: Epson FX-1000 9 pin printer (it's wide)

    I've got an epson dx-20. not quite what you're looking for, but it is wide and an epson...
  13. J

    Wanted: Konan David Junior hard disk controller

    I just happen to find one in my box o strange stuff. I have no way of testing it, but it looks in good condition with no leaking caps or burnt traces. Photos below:
  14. J

    zx-81 ntsc???, what is this?...

    I picked up a lot of timex/sinclair stuff and found this inside. Its a sinclair zx-81, but on the bottom its labeled ntsc with a fcc id. I thought all zx-81's were pal and only the timex 1000's were ntsc. So, does this have 1kb or 2kb? Is it rare?
  15. J

    PPro System - IBM PC Server 315

    Since I had to find it for [Nathan] (other thread) and its not exactly what he's looking for, Thought I'd offer it to anyone. Found some quick specs here: http://mastodonpc.tripod.com/personal/8638-ps0.html Mine is fairly bare with just cpu and some ram (approx. 32-128mb- will verify if anyone...
  16. J

    WTB: Pentium Pro Desktop

    Photos of what I have available:
  17. J

    Otrona Atache – Collector’s Bundle

    Bump. Last chance before going on eBay this weekend. Also found the soft-sided carrying case for it.
  18. J

    Otrona Atache – Collector’s Bundle

    Before I send this to the 'Bay, thought I'd offer it here. Includes everything pictured: Computer #1: Complete with Rev. D Motherboard, Dual-Drives, Keyboard and Cable Above-Average Cosmetic shape with no significant cracks, scratches, rust, or discoloration. Computer #2: Complete (except...
  19. J

    Looking for a Cray; as complete as possible; dead or alive

    I’m helping Nova Southeastern University’s Computer Museum (http://www.scis.nova.edu/museum.html) try and locate one of these iconic super computers. Ideally, it would be an earlier model (pre-SGI acquisition) and in working condition. BUT, given how hard these are to find, we’ll take what we...