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    M102 won't enter BASIC

    Just put in new batteries and turned on my 102 for the first time in a year. Went right to the main menu. Selecting Telcom, Addrs, Schedul, etc. all open fine. But selecting BASIC - not good. Screen blanks for a second, then returns to the main menu. Menu shows 29638 bytes free. Would...
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    MediaMaster for Osborne I

    Looking to buy: MediaMaster for Osborne I (cp/m 2.2). My Osborne has double density, single side drives. I have MM 1.03, but MM.com freezes on loading. MM2.com and MMFMT.com run fine, but with no instructions for either one, I'm just guessing on how to use it. Thanks. Tom M. Connecticut
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    Hi all. Would anyone have a copy of MediaMaster for my Osborne I? I've got MM already, but it wont' work with double sided disks, single side only. Thanks. Tom in CT
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    Tandy 100/102 to USB?

    Gentlemen - is there a way to export a text file from my 100 (or my 102) and onto a flash drive? I assume, some type of serial or parallel output from the Tandy, into a "magic box", then to a USB flash drive. I'm using the Tandy to compile a large database in simple CSV format. field, field...
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    Osborne RF capacitor

    Fuse F1 is blown (no continuity). It's marked 5MF 125V 2AMP. I hope it's a "standard" fuse I can get at the hardware store. Here's a photo of the board: Bad fuse is at the top of the photo. That bad capacitor has one lead clipped. Should I just replace the fuse and report back? Thanks.
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    Osborne RF capacitor

    A little surprise when I cranked up the Osborne. After running about 30 minutes without problem, a sudden pop and lots of acrid smoke coming from the areas above the drives. Note the damaged large capacitor: In Tezza's article on Osborne restoration, he shows the same capacitor. He writes...
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    Osborne BOOT ERROR

    I went up to Vermont to see a friend's Osborne 1a. We booted it as normal, ran SuperCalc and WordStar, used both A and B drives. CRT was strong; no keyboard problems! He offered it to me, and I took the bait! Put it in back seat of my car (padded with a blanket), drove home three hours, put...
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    Keyboard replacer?

    Is there such a critter as a "keyboard replacer"? Software that lets me use my laptop as a replacement for my non-working Osborne keyboard? I'm assuming a USB laptop connection, somehow sending OAK type signals into the ribbon cable to the Osborne? Thanks. Tom M.
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    Wanted: working Osborne keyboard and cable.

    All the keys work properly when connected to running Osborne 1, 1a, or Executive. Thanks. Tom M.
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    Osborne 1 keyboard interface?

    OK - before I go stark raving mad ... please remind me of how to interpret the keyboard matrix diagram: I see the intersection for "Return". Pin 3 and Pin 15. I assume the pins are arranged on the m/board's terminal as: upper row: 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 lower row: 2 4 6 8...
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    Osborne 1 keyboard interface?

    Good morning all! If you managed to read through my earlier topic, you know how I've been troubleshooting. With keyboard plugged into m/board, power up and CRT flickers with opening screen asking for system disk and <return>. There's no response to any keyboard input...
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    Osborne 1 - keyboard exchange?

    Well, I pretty much got to the *very* bottom of the issue. Cut right into the membrane, but made no progress. Once I got that far, I couldn't figure out any remedy, or for that matter, what the problem is anyway. The IC could be the culprit, but I sure don't know how to troubleshoot and/or...
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    Osborne 1 - keyboard exchange?

    Are Osborne keyboards interchangeable? More to the point, would an Osborne Executive keyboard work correctly with my Osborne 1, Beige case, s/n A 14649. Current failing keyboard: Oak FTM (altho' I don't know if that's the original keyboard, it worked properly until matrix failure). Oak s/n...
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    OK - certainly makes sense now. I've been mystified by mine not showing evidence of a matrix - just a discolored grey/blue "sheen" in that area instead. If this deterioration has spread, as it appears it has, I think this would indeed be reason for replacement of the keyboard. It is...
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    OK - here we go. Camera working again. Here's what I found under the problematic T key, and the unproblematic 5 key. Note those membrane areas look the same. Here's a similar area in the same type (Oak FTM) keyboard, from the Desktopia (?) site: That one appears "clean and tidy" - with...
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    The melted plastic "tabs" are removed in that area on the back of the mounting plate, and the keycaps are off. The Deskthority article refers to "popping" the key unit out. Would anyone know what I'm supposed to lift to pop it out? Here's where I am: I'm doing a pretty good job of mangling...
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    Wanted: Osborne I keyboard

    Need to replace my O1 keyboard (internals). Oak FTM - Matrix problem. Thanks. Tom M. Connecticut
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    Here we go! Pins 1 and 20 are indeed connected. But (!), pins 6 and 14 (the 3rd and 7th on the bottom row) are connected also. Continuity established with no keys pressed. Photo, with the two bad pins marked: Could someone please tell me what key that would correlate to? I think it's T...
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    Update at 0800 EST. I removed the multi-line keyboard cable, and checked continuity for each line. Good for each line. I'm thinking that cable is a replacement; each line is a different color, the cable is over three feet long, and it was taped to the keyboard base with duct tape, which...
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    Osborne I - no disk drive response

    Good morning all. Haven't been here since 2009! I'm looking for assistance on diagnosing and repairing my Osborne I. It's been running fine for many years; I stored it for a few months, and today tried it again. No luck. Beige case, s/n A 14649. Powered on, screen prompts to insert...