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    Hard disk prepared for moving

    Depending on the DOS version, there used to be commands such as Ship or Park to park the heads for moving. When I got into PC's in 1990, hard drives would self-park the heads. There was no process for un-parking. They would un-park themselves when powered back up.
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    Asus eeePC 1000H on Intel Atom N270 ( i386 instruction set?): some questions

    I was given a Dell mini Inspiron 10, and even though it has an Atom Z520 running at 1.3ghz, the 701 eee running a 900mhz Pentium M appears to be more responsive. Both are running MATE on Ubuntu 18.04.6.
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    I noticed Temu has been getting Youtubers to review their products and services. I noticed this with reviewers of tools, guitars, camping gear, and clothing. Temu would give them $200 of credit, then they'd buy some items then review them. Mileage varies depending on items purchased.
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    Hello from Michigan! Compaq EP Deskpro 3DFX Build

    What part of Michigan are you from? I'm in the lower SW corner, Berrien County. Welcome to the forums!
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    Asus eeePC 1000H on Intel Atom N270 ( i386 instruction set?): some questions

    I have an EEE 701 with 4gb internal ssd, 1gb ram, and a 900mhz Pentium M cpu. I'm running a version of MATE built on Ubuntu 18.04 Due to Ubuntu's size requirements, I have it booting to a larger capacity SD card. My 701 was the first model out, and at the time it was either packaged with...
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    Selling retro rigs?

    The brightness/ contrast was better on the plasma display than it was on a projector. The war room would operate with all the lights on, and the previous projector display wasn't sharp and bright enough. People would like to stand in front of the screen and point at things on screen, and I...
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    Matrox Millenium G450 - Which Win98SE driver?

    IIRC the place i was working at got in some Dell Precision desktops with a Matrox card. The systems were shipped with Windows 2k, however we were still using Windows 98. I recall them having issues with the drivers, and the solution at the time was replace the video card with another brand...
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    Selling retro rigs?

    My uncle had a 35" CRT TV around 20-25 years ago. It was a heavy beast, and required at least two people to carry it. On the corporate IT side we didn't see many CRT's over 21 inches. If anyone needed a larger display, like for a meeting room, we'd install a projector. They were way cheaper...
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    Zenith Z-181 - My Review

    I haven't touched one since 1992-93, so my memory is fuzzy. As stated the 181 didn't support an internal hard drive. The 183 with the hdd option had an hdd with a controller connected with a ribbon cable, and the controller board was sandwiched to the main board. A screw and a spacer held it...
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    Zenith Z-181 - My Review

    The 181 and 183 were decent machines to work on. On occasion we would get a 183 in where the bottom case half melted by the charging circuit board. We'd have to replace the entire bottom "tub" to fix that. Other than that, the hard drive covers on the 183 would bust loose. I figure this was...
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    IDE cdrom emulator?

    Shouldn't be difficult. On occasion I have copied the files from a cd to a folder, and use the install from the hard drive.
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    Cool vintage electronics projects to do in 2023

    Build a 5w practice amp for guitar, but use a VFD salvaged from a VCR or clock radio instead of a vacuum tube for the pre-amp stage. I haven't tried it but have read Korg's "nu-tube" is essentially a VFD
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    Selling retro rigs?

    Trinitron CRT's. They were Dell branded, if that makes a difference.
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    Selling retro rigs?

    Thanks! I wasn't sure if that was a tube going bad, or the caps.
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    PC XT power supply doesn't work

    Not familiar with the diode number. I know there's a GI752 rectifier diode. Could that be it?
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    Selling retro rigs?

    I've seen quite a few Trinitrons that have either faded or contrast looks washed out. I'm not familiar with the innards of CRT's and would be curious as to why the displays have faded.
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    What is your daily driver?

    My main desktop is an Intel 3220 I3 I pieced together in 2013. Several changes in my life happened since then, and a new gaming rig every 2-3 years became less a priority. Still does what I ask of it. My latest laptop is an 8th gen Intel I3. I replaced the SSD and installed Ubuntu on it...
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    Selling retro rigs?

    Interesting, but a lot of e-waste to be sorted through. OEM systems and brand named parts are more likely easier to sell than complete DIY systems full of mystery parts. The individual parts may be worth more than the complete systems they arrived in.
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    Shopping for computer

    I'm curious if OS/2 will run in Oracle VM Virtualbox?
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    Need help! RCA woodgrain television from 1988 won't get off channel 91

    I have an old TV with built-in vcr in my bedroom, and I have a Digital TV tuner connected to it. The picture is fine (for an SD signal) and the colors are sharp.