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    Commodore CMD HD 40 for sale.

    EDITED: Hi all, im back, been a long time since i was here. Well im now selling my Commodore CMD HD40 drive, there is still a small problem, with it, i think the Hard Drive may be on the way out. After putting in a new updated chip into the drive i did manage to get the Drive list up, but was...
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    Hard Drive for my CMD HD40

    Hi im looking for a very cheap 40-80meg hard drive for my CMD HD40. i think i may have a drive problem, as when i try to do the LLFORMAT, the drive is spinning, but i get the ERROR WRITE 5 showing, ive put in a new BootChip i got from the USA, the newest version 2.8,my old one was 2.7. I think...
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    Wicked little toy for 2 PCs 1 monitor

    Just got one of these due to my TV/Monitor keeps playing up wont show anythink pass the startup screen, so i found one of these,and man they are cheap. Now running 2 PC's on 1 Monitor and 1 keyboard and mouse.. Had to tinker a little but got it working, ideal if you dont have th eroom for 2...
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    Wanted Cheap Working Black 3.5" Floppy Drive

    Wanted Cheap Working Black 3.5" Floppy Drive 1.44 Meg To go with the rest of my PC setup, as the white one looks out of place when everythink DVDs, & Card Reader & Case are all Black. Somethink like this pleasse Send me Price with Postage. UK if possible, USA if P+P is Cheap Hay i found...
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    Windows 95 & 98 Original CDs & Maunals/Licence for sale.

    Windows 95 & 98 Original CDs & Maunals/Licence for sale. Windows 98. +Original CD ( Scrached But Working) & manual with working licence number. windows 95 + Origina CD,( Scrached But Working) just Manual No longer Required I will make a Copy of the CDs if required incase original CD might...
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    Commodore C128D im selling.

    Up for sale on My Ebay..if intrested go visit the link below. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260278994128 steve
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    Bunch of Old PC stuff for sale.

    Bunch of Old PC stuff for sale. Ok here what i have for sale.. I cant test them as i have no way of doing it, no old build PC to test on. Offers on Each item with P+P or offers on the whole buch. Mixed Memory: I have a bunch of these somewhere but need to find them, i think there's around a...
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    Commodore PC 10/20 manuals

    Commodore PC 10/20 manuals anyone intrested in these. on my ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260278068184&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=016 steve
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    my old Drive setup

    well i found a picture of my old drive setup for hte C64, when i once had it. 2 x 1581's 2 X excellerators 1 Quick disk 1 Triton just out picture (top) 1 CMD HD 40 (STILL GOT THIS) 1 Old IBM Scsi 80-meg All sold apart the CMD 40, as it has a Faulty boot chip, but new one is on the way...
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    commodore 1581 power unit help

    hay all ok im trying to sell my 1581 drive on ebay but problem is i kind burnt out my psu unit, i connected it to a convertor, i heard a large humm and smoke time. i pulled it out rather quick. Lucky the 1581 drive was not conected.. I tried a convertor coz i couldnt find the step-down...
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    Suse Linux

    hi. Ive got a compleate Boxed Suse Linux 8.0 Professional, it has 4 manual, 1 being 460-pages long,anothr 179 pages, and 1 128 pages and 1- 5page info sheet. It has 8 CDs, all in very good condition, disk needs a little clean i think tho,few scratch marks (wear & Tear) Anyone know what it's...
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    Agenda Model 32KL by Microwriters systems ltd

    Anyone seen thse before>??? Agenda Model 32KL by Microwriters systems ltd I had 2 ofthese brought them from a Car Boot fair/ Fleamarked in Kent many many years ago about 10 years ago i think. I got one as working 1 as faulty. came with A utility Cartridge, Powerunit (LOST trying to find it) and...
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    SX64 & C64 Technical & Schmeatics manuals

    Hay guys was pulling out the boxes to fins the adaptor for the Commodore 1581 drive, i found the power unit, but not the step down convertor yet, But i di find hidden away the following. SX64 Schematic & C64 Techincal Manuals. Both a bit bent up but other than that in good condition..What ya...
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    Radio Shack TSR 80 Printer Interface sale or exchange

    Anyone in need of a Radio Shack TSR 80 Printer Interface, with Long Cable.? Make me an offer, or will exchange to Keyboard for C64...See http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?p=68938#post68938 for what keyboard type i requite . Cheers Steve
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    A singl Commodore Key

    Required Cheap or Free Minus (-) key one next to the £ and + for the C64, or a Very cheap Compleate Working Keyboard, for the Slim style computer not sure if all my other keys work>?? Send me a PM with price + Postal cost.. Location London UK If price is right i pay, if FREE thats be greate...
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    Games ya use to Love

    maybe a good topic to start of.? Here one game i use to love playing..Wizard or Wor I compleated this gae with a fried 3 times within a week, was such a cool game..lol Whats your favorite game you played. Steve:cool:
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    Where to find Vintage Computers

    hi all ok here is where i found Vintage Computers, i wont say all the makes i found, as there far to many and gone now anyays 1: Car Boot Fairs/ Flea Markets 2: House Clearance 3: Charity Shops 4: The LOOT New Paper 5: Shop adverts (sometimes) 6: Internet searching google, Ebay, News Groups...
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    C+4 MAVERIC Cartridge.

    C+4 MAVERIC Cartridge.. FROM DAVE HELM. (A Well know computer collector programmer) He made me this cartridge many years ago for my old Trusty C+4, ive just found it. It for sale, will add to my Ebay unless someone is intrested it it here.
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    Hello everyone

    hay people.. Ok im steve, i live in London UK, i first started of on computers many moons ago, think it was around 1980s excate yea i cant say, i do remeber buying my first BOXED Commodore rm a shop at around £125.which in them days was a lot of money. In the past i did start collection...
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    A C64 Forum

    i had this in my favorites a while back and just found it today, ive posted my Commodores stuff on there to so i can get rid of this stuff quick... here the link. http://www.remix64.com/board/ Steve