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    Possibly world's highest Landmark MS-DOS score?

    So I was bored today and decided to run LandMark MS-DOS Benchmark on my 4.6 ghz I7-980x.. here's the result: Larger version here: http://i.imgur.com/JuBb1fm.jpg Edit: This isn't an "E-Peen contest" or anything like that. I was just playing with some old software to see if it would even run...
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    Need help identifying matrox video card

    I need some help identifying this matrox video card I picked up today at a used parts store. Pictures are here: http://imgur.com/a/e4BB2 Specifically an exact model name and model # would be best, so I can attempt to find drivers for it.
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    LGA-1155 with ISA Slot

    I found this tonight while searching for stuff on google. http://www.adek.com/ATX-motherboards.htm LGA-1155 with support for Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors, with 5 PCI slots and an ISA slot.
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    SIMMSaver/8 Documentation

    I recently found a SIMMSaver/8 at a thirft store in a box, and to my surprise, it actually had the documentation inside the box as well. I've seen several SIMMSaver type things over the years but never seen the paper that comes with them until finding this one. So I picked it up and brought it...
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    Various 486 / 386 era parts for sale.

    VLB Chiony CH-300 VLB 50-pin scsi controller combo card (It does scsi + 1 IDE port + serial ports + game ports all in one.) WDC / paradise ISA video card 386/486 hybrid motherboard (only ISA slots, accepts either 386 or 486 chips.) 8 matched sticks of 4mb 30-pin simms. My stuff is listed here...
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    Cheap USB Floppy Drives

    For those of you that are unaware this is an informational message. If you find Dell Floppy Drives for laptops, that say on the label: "DELL LBL P/N: 7T761-A01" in the lower right corner, these are usable as a usb floppy drive and usually found cheap (I'm talking less than $10 cheap) on ebay...
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    Issues with 5.25" floppy drives

    Okay I finally got around to setting up the two 1.2mb 5.25" floppy drives I have here in my 486 at the same time last night to start testing... All appeared well with the first diskette, then I got some weirdness I'll explain and see if anyone can offer some insight. I have two 1.2mb 5.25"...
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    Cheap DX4-100 Overdrive processors found on ebay

    I found this last night: Intel 486 DX4-100 overdrive for 486's, currently he has his price at $15 for buy it now with $3.30 shipping, but as I found out when trying to make an offer, if you make an offer for $10 for the purchase price, he has it set to auto-accept $10...
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    Help identifying an unusual expansion slot

    I've been out dumpster diving again... and this time I ended up lucky and scored a 386/486 hybrid motherboard that has both a 386 slot, and a 486 slot, which is currently populated with an intel 486 DX2-50. Anyway, the point of this thread is this motherboard seems to have an unusually long ISA...
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    Iomega Zip Tools for DOS, WFW311, Win95

    On my usual weekly trip to my local used store a couple days ago I found some Zip-100 discs for 10 cents each and grabbed em anyway, cheap and useful to have (My pentium3 machine has a Zip-100 drive). Turned out that with one disc I got more than I bargained for: The original old Zip Tools...
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    For Sale: Diamond Multimedia Viper 2mb VLB Video Card

    I've listed this primarily on eBay, and there's more information and pictures over on eBay, and I will not be selling via the forums here directly, If you wish to purchase this please use eBay. I'm mainly posting here just so the folks here in the vintage-computer community will know about the...
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    For Sale: Dell PowerEdge 6400

    For sale is a 7-u tall and quite long Dell PowerEdge 6400 Server machine. I don't know if this really qualifies as vintage but it was sold in 2000, so it's 11 years old. First pictures, you can see on my Flickr page HERE Also, I think the best option is to do local pickup only, so this is...
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    Seeking software for Promise Tech EIDEMAX 16-bit ISA Card

    I bought one of these for $1.00 from a local used store earlier today to put into this Gateway 2000 486 i got for free recently, and while it does work awesome, it came with a floppy disk in the box that was supposed to have 32-bit mode drivers for windows 3.11 on it, however, the floppy is...
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    Please help me locate some software for this?

    A friend of mine recently brought this by my house and gave it to me, he found it cleaning out his attic. I stuck it in a pentium3 machine and it comes up with displaying video, so the video display portion works, so next step: See if video -capture- works. However my friend does not have the...
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    SSD on a 486?

    An idea I've had for a while now but been unable to test, due to i don't have a 486 currently... Has anyone here tried using one of the smaller cheap 8gb SSD hard drives with a SATA-to-IDE adapter and then using them on a 486 class computer? Or perhaps some of the smaller DOM (Disk-On-Module)...
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    VLB IDE Card with RAID Support?

    I'm looking for information, specifically model #'s and spec's on any VLB IDE controller cards with active caching using 30-pin memory, and support RAID either 0 (Striping) or 1 (Mirroring) for 486 era computers. I know one exists, i saw it recently through some googling, and ended up on an old...