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    FS IBM 701c

    Hello People, I was given this IBM 701c awhile back from one of my work locations. It's in my collection and I was going to refurbish when I had more time. Works and still has most of the original Windows 95 install that was on it when it was decommissioned. I've powered it up and it does...
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    FS - Loose Commodore stuff

    Hi, I've got a few items Commodore for sale that I'm looking to clear out. 1541 Disk Drive - last time I tested it worked prior to selling my 64c. Commodore 64 large daisy wheel printer - I forget the model. Third party brand dot matrix - Okidata probably with original box. Soem various...
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    Questions about Apples

    Hi, I've got a few questions about Apples *NOTE: I'm a city worker so don't have much to spend on stuff, but if you have one of the older Apples or Macs I'd be interested if it were FREE or cheap as I could pickup in the NYC area... 1) Does anyone have an Apple IIc power brick? I'm in the NYC...
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    Apple ][e Cards Need Some Info On These

    Hi, A little history. Just recently purchased a Apple ][e system from the original owner. System was originally purchased in 1984 (I've got the original accessories receipt). This system included all the original boxes (Apple ][e has matching serial numbers), manuals, disks, cables, port...
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    Apple Newton MessagePads For Sale

    Apple Newton MessagePads For Sale Hi, I've got a few Bare MP2x00 PDAs For Sale They all work but only include the PDA main unit itself. These are usually MP2000, and a few MP2000u and MP2100. If your interested in this just email me at ebaysh@gmail.com These shouldn't last long and I'm...
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    Mac Color Classic setup For Sale

    Mac Color Classic setup For Sale. :( 1) Color Classic 2) NIC Card Installed 3) Memory is maxed 4) Screen doesn't have burn in 5) Hard Drive (?) maybe a 2GB as this was upgraded also. Not including a keyboard or mouse. I dont' have an original set of these. But if needed I can included a set if...
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    Apple ][e setup For Sale

    Hi I've got an Apple ][e setup For Sale It includes: 1) Apple ][e with all the port caps, original box with matching serial number and original packing material, packing list, video cable and manuals. 2) Apple Green Monitor with original box and packing material. NO screen burn. 3) Apple...