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    Mac Classic low voltage on 12 V rail

    I have a Mac Classic that is only getting ~11.3 V on the 12 V rail leading to the hard drive. It is not enough voltage to get the hard drive to spin. I hooked the hdd to a desktop 12 V rail and it spun up perfect. My guess is the power supply, but I'm not sure where to begin. I don't see any...
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    Mac Classic just died

    The other night, my Mac Classic (which had been previously revived with help from VC) was working fine in the bootable ROM by using Command+Option+X+O on startup. I decided to see what Command+Option+R+P would do, so I pressed those keys upon the next startup and now the Mac has the checkerboard...
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    Macintosh Classic problem

    I recently acquired a Mac Classic. When it turns on, a black and white checkerboard fills the screen. It had a bad battery on the logic board, so I removed it. I still get the problem. It has the internal hard drive as well. Any ideas?
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    IBM AT file transferring with Compaq Deskpro

    I have an IBM AT PC with DOS 3.30 and a Compaq Deskpro EP with Windows 2000 Pro on it. I've been unsuccessful at getting a 5.25 floppy working on the Compaq, so I am wondering what I have to do to be able to send files from the Compaq to the IBM AT (software to use, cabling, software instuctions).
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    floppy drive bios config problem

    I have installed a 5.25 floppy drive in my compaq deskpro ep. There is also a 3.5 floppy drive installed. The 5.25 is B drive and jumped as D2 and the 3.5 drive is A drive. The bios allows me to make the changes as A: 3.5 floppy and B: 5.25 1.2 MB floppy, however, when I save changes and reboot...
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    5.25 floppy errors

    I have a toshiba nd-04dt-a 5.25 floppy drive in the b: slot of my Kaypro New 2. I just cleaned the heads and lubricated the rails. I continue to receive "format error on track number 0" when I try formatting the disk. When I type b: at the a0> prompt, I get the message "Bdos Err On B: Bad...
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    Kaypro 2 system disc

    I have a Kaypro New 2 system. Of course I do not have the system disc to boot her up. Does anyone here have a disc they can send me that is compatible with my system, know of a download place (Dave's Computers did not have one for the 2), or know of a place where I could find one?
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    Kaypro 2 startup disc

    I've looked on the forums, including Dave's site, to find the proper file to download to start up my Kaypro New 2. I cannot find the right download though. Where can I get the file for this Kaypro New 2 with ROM 81-478 dated 1984?
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    Kaypro 2 jumper setting help

    I just picked up a Kaypro 2 (not II) today and found a jumper loose inside at the bottom. Does anyone know what the jumper settings are supposed to be for both floppy drives?
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    IBM Proprinter II manual

    I'm looking for someone to help me get a scan of the maintenance/care portion of the Proprinter II manual. Anything on how to disassemble and clean/lubricate it is what I need. Thank you.
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    UN proposal and Obama

    What do you guys think about the United Nations wanting a worldwide ban on weapons, for civilians of course? With liberal Obama in office in the U.S., anythings practically possible, but our 2nd amendment will be infringed upon if this happens. Personally, I disagree on any liberal matter, but...
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    Complete IBM AT 5170

    Here's my IBM AT 5170, manufactured in 1987. Comes complete with the IBM AT 84-key keyboard, IBM 5154 Enhanced Color Display, Microsoft Bus Mouse, and the IBM Proprinter II dot matrix. It has IBM DOS 3.30. The hard drive is a Seagate ST-4038. It has the Intel 80286 8 MHz processor and the...
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    IBM driver for proprinter

    Can someone help me get the file ibmproxl.prd for msword 5.5 so I can set up my IBM Proprinter II 4201-002?
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    IBM Proprinter II top cover

    I'm looking for the top clear plastic paper guide for my IBM Proprinter II Dot Matrix. If anyone has one or knows where to get one, please advise.
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    IBM AT keyboard weight

    While trying to multi-task by holding my AT keyboard in one hand and inserting a floppy into the AT with the other hand, I accidentally dropped my hefty AT keyboard right on my left foot. Let me tell you, it hurt like a son of a *%#!@. Of course the keyboard is so durable it wasn't harmed, but...
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    Compaq printer on IBM AT 5170???

    Is there any way I can get my IBM AT (running IBM DOS 3.30) to print to a Compaq IJ600 Parallel Printer? I saw a few sources on the internet that stated this printer can print from DOS but none stated how. Do I need a special driver or software program?
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    Old Microsoft Mouse ball

    Looking for an old 1" Microsoft Inport Bus Mouse ball to fit this mouse. Very similar to the old "green eyed mouse". all i need is the mouse ball.
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    Castle Wolfenstein for IBM AT

    Anyone know where I can get free downloads from reputable sources for Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein 3D that I can download and install onto some 5.25" or 3.5" floppies to play on my IBM AT 5170?
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    Hard drive boot problem on IBM AT

    my AT was booting fine into DOS before. however, when i turn it on, i get an error message that says "Error encountered initializing hard drive 0". the hard drive is a seagate st-138. i set the hard drive number in bios to disk 3. not sure why it will not boot now.
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    IBM AT 5170 setup disc HELP

    Yea i'm another one of those people in need of a setup disk for an AT. It's odd, both cmos batteries died in my 2 AT IBMs, but on one you can still access bios by pressing del at boot and then ctrl alt esc. The other one just has a message 161-system options not set-(run setup). i've tried many...