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    Please help identifying this terminal

    Greetings, A local seller is selling this: (link to local auction website): http://miau.clix.pt/leiloes/leilao.jsp?offer_id=10259139 He is selling it for 5Eur but does not provide any information about it. Can someone help me identifying it? Cheers
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    What's wrong with my Adlib?

    Greetings, I have a Adlib clone. Today, I plugged it in my PII running MS-DOS 6.22 and I went to play Monkey Island 1. But the music is all messed up! I made a quick video to show you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsF8hjwUH6A Any hint on what's wrong here? Cheers
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    Help to identify a cable

    Greetings, Yesterday I got a lot of old hardware that I still have to test and catalog. But I got across this cable and I have no clue on what is it for. It is a IEEE 802.3 10 Base T Ethernet cable. It has a label that says Cabletron 9372065. On one end, it has a 9 pin RS232 adapter. Any hint...
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    Tape Storage

    Greetings, I have two SCSI tape drives at home that I don't know if the are working. Compaq Model C1536-00485 : P/N: 199752-001 : Revision: 3707 HP Surestore Part No: C1528-69204 / Revision: 3914 I haven't tested them because my SCSI PCI card is not recognized under Windows XP or later, and...
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    My "new" 486 laptop

    Greetings, Just arrived home with this great computer from Freecycle. It's specs are: CPU: 486DX @33Mhz RAM: 4Mb HDD: 120Mb FDD: 1.44Mb GFX: Monochrome screen I/O: 1x RS-232 serial port,1x PS2 for mouse,1x PS2 for keyboard,1x VGA Out,1x Printer OS: It boots to MS-DOS 6.20. It has Windows 3.1...
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    Voodoo 1

    Greetings, I'm building one computer to play some 3DFX Glide games with spare parts I have around. I have a Diamond Monster 3D 4Mb PCI Voodoo1 card and I don't have any 2D PCI VGA card. I only have one Geforce MX440SE 64Mb AGP. Would this configuration work so that the 3DFX card would to all the...
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    Amstrad PC1512

    Greeting, Soon I will buy a Amstrad PC1512 and I was wondering if I was able to swap the 5.25" B: drive with a standard 1.44Mb and use a 720kb DD floppy disk. Best regards
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    My computer "shack"

    Greetings everybody, Wanted to share with you my computer shack that I'm building. There's not many vintage equipment over here, but just wanted to share where I make computer repairs and where I hope to soon start gathering some vintage computers. On the first image, wanted to show you my...
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    Pocket Computer HP 200LX - To sell or trade -

    Greetings guys, I have a HP 200LX to sell or trade for other vintage equipment. I used it much when I was working on a bank but it has been stored for a couple of years now. It comes with the Serial Cable, PC Card Modem, PC card flash 20mb and a CD with software. If anyone has interest in...