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    Retro computers not to miss in D.C. area?

    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. The good stuff seems to be a fair distance out of D.C., but I'll see what I can manage.
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    Retro computers not to miss in D.C. area?

    I'll have some spare time in the D.C. area in February. Is there anything retro-computer related in the area that I should be sure not to miss? Also, any good surplus or similar kinds of places would be great to know about. Thanks, Matthew
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    How to write a floppy disk from an image file on a Compaq Portable III?

    Right, I should not have used MBR when talking about the floppy disks. It has been a while since I messed with the disk media at this level (not sure I ever dug into floppies at this level). My idea (before using the Compaq service pack programs) was to try and copy the files from the 720K...
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    How to write a floppy disk from an image file on a Compaq Portable III?

    @mbbrutman This is the page with the images I downloaded: https://archive.org/details/CompaqPortableDiagnosticDisk @bolex Thanks, but as mentioned above I did manage to get floppy disks created using the Compaq service pack programs. The MBRs on these disks is strange too, which makes me...
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    How to write a floppy disk from an image file on a Compaq Portable III?

    @mbbrutman Thanks for the tips. The disk images are not mine, I downloaded them from archive.org, so I do not know what kind of drive was used to dump them. My dskimage settings were 0:40:2:9, as you mentioned, and the disk media is new old-stock (Verbatim and Memorax), and I formatted them...
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    How to write a floppy disk from an image file on a Compaq Portable III?

    Ok, so a few notes: Trying ImageDisk after converting the 360K IMG file to IMD file, and then running IMDA suggested double-step and 250K->300K conversion. Since the drive is 1.2M I tried the suggested settings, along with a few others. In all cases the disk would not boot, and it actually...
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    How to write a floppy disk from an image file on a Compaq Portable III?

    I have a Compaq Portable III and the system defaults to 1.2MB floppy drive after losing its settings (replace the battery for the clock chip DS1285). I would like to have a bootable Diagnostic floppy for a Compaq Portable III (286 CPU), for which I have downloaded (from archive.org) the 720K...
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    Convert 720K disk image to 1.2M disk image?

    Does anyone know the magic incantation to get dskconv to convert a 720K disk image to 1.2M disk image? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the program and it cannot actually do this kind of thing? Without any -format option, the output is the same size as the input. As soon as I specify "-format...
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    Looking for Compaq Portable III Technical Reference

    I'm restoring a Compaq Portable III and was hoping to find the Technical Reference online somewhere. Primarily I would like technical details and the pin-out to the expansion header on the back, but the whole reference manual would be nice. This system is 286-based, just to avoid any confusion...
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    Brand New TI-99/4A Owner with Questions

    The F18A MK2 is taking longer than expected, unfortunately. However, the primary hold up since 2020 has been the parts shortage. Even making more of the original F18A is not possible due to the shortage (Spartan-3E FPGAs dried up too). As soon as I can get my hands on parts, I'll make...
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    FS / Make Offer: nVidia Quadro 4000, 2x ATI FirePro V8800

    I have two ATI FirePro V8800 graphics cards, and one nVidia Quadro 4000. Make offer. I prefer shipping via USPS flat rate box, but I'm flexible (origin zip code: 32708)
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    FS: SunBlade 2000 - $60 obo - moving - must sell!

    I really need to find a new home for this SunBlade 2000 computer. Works great, see photos, as questions. I would like to get $60, or make an offer. I would prefer a local pickup (SoCal, L.A. area), but I'll ship to where ever you want to pay for it. This is a *big* system. Weight is 55...
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    9-track magnetic tape unit maintenance and operation?

    My eyes!! ;-) That website looks as old as the tapes they are selling. Every page on the site is a new adventure. Haha. I'll have to give them a call and see what the prices are, since they don't show pricing except to say the minimum order is $100 (ouch). They list "re-certified tapes"...
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    FS: SunBlade 2000 workstation

    I have a SunBlade 2000 workstation with a single CHE1200 CPU, 5GB RAM, and a 72GB 10,000 RPM drive. The video card is the XVR-100 (ATI Radeon based, DVI and VGA outputs). Comes with the Sun USB keyboard. Runs Solaris 10 (currently installed), but FreeBSD also supports SPARC64, and I'm sure...
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    9-track magnetic tape unit maintenance and operation?

    I finally managed to get a 9-track tape unit, a re-branded CDC 92185, and I spent the weekend cleaning it up and replacing the deteriorated foam (full of 1-inch foam to help with noise, I suspect). Being a new tape unit owner, I'm now full of questions. So I cleaned the tape path as per the...
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    PDP-11 Value?

    I have been looking for a PDP-11 for a while and I might have a chance to get one. Aside from the desire to get my hands on real hardware, I'm finding it hard to figure out a *fair* price for a CPU or other components like disk drives or tape units. Sometimes I see prices in the multiple...
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    WTB: HP 264x terminal keyboards and / or cables

    I'm looking for a keyboard or two for an HP 264x (2645A, 2647A/F, 2648A, etc.) terminal, or any interconnect cables. If anyone has any of this kind of hardware you are willing to trade or sell, please let me know. Thanks, Matthew
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    HP 2647F Terminal Keyboards?

    I picked up a pair of HP 2647F Terminals, but they do not have their keyboards. The seller is a liquidator / recycle company, and apparently they split everything that comes in the door into separate pieces to "maximize their profit"... Grr. So, the terminal, keyboard, external floppy, and...
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    Got a PERQ T2 - any one else that has a PERQ here?

    I met Josh Dersch at the VCF Pacific NorthWest festival at the LCM+L (awesome museum by the way, I highly recommend visiting multiple times!), he is a really nice guy! He had two PERQ systems running with graphics tablets and large monitors to play with. If anyone knows about the PERQ, Josh...
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    GRID / GRIDCASE 1520 need setup and info

    Hello, I'm a new owner of a GRID 1520 and of course the battery in the DS1287A RTC chip that holds the setup info has died (probably a long time ago). So I need to get my hands on the setup utility to reconfigure the options, but there seems to be a vacuum of information online about these...