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    nec ready tower pentium 200.

    hello all i happen to have an old nec ready tower i picked up off the curb a few months back. i have it running windows 98se. i know the bios is the original shipped bios. I am wanting to get all the window 98se updates for the os like all the genuine updates. also i am wanting to run a feature...
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    drivers needed for dos

    i happen to have an old nec ready desktop that i changed around some hardware in it and am looking for some drivers for the hardware i put there i am lookin for dos drivers for an aha-2930cu scsi card, cardinal 020-0443 modem, even an epson pc para board card and usb drivers for dos and such. i...
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    atari from terminator 2

    anyone out there have an old atari like the one in terminator 2 and if so what does it run and what program was being ran on it in the movie and what does it even run if anything
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    quadra 950 av server

    i aquired an old mac quadra 950 av server and when i got it it booted as far as the extentions loading screen and would load 2 extentions and freeze i thought it was the hd so i changed it out with another of the same drive and it brought up a floppy with a ? in it and i thought well this one...