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    Powder Blue of 50s, 60s, and 70s; does it have an official name? Or even unofficial?

    The ADM 3A was offered in baby blue. In fact, it's one of my earliest memories of a computer terminal, circa 1979.
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    TRS-80 Model II - $7000.00

    I'm used to seeing some crazy prices for vintage gear, and it usually doesn't phase me, but I thought this one was really out there. Reality distortion field in full effect. TRS-80 Model II - It's in great shape, but asking $7000.00 is a TAD much...
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    Wanted: Altos 886 diag/disk setup utils

    So until I have more time to investigate the faulty MiniScribe 3425 in my Altos 886, I obtained a couple of ST-225s to try replacing it and just re-installing Xenix. The drives seem to be fine. The Altos Xenix 3.2f boot disk seems to find it. It says HARD DISKS [1] but when it loads the...
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    Booting a Pro 350 from Floppies

    Figured it out finally. Teledisk was making unusable floppies with standard IBM 5.25 drives, both 360K and 1.2MB. Finally thought to stick an actual RX50 on a clone Pentium board, converted the td0 images to imd and used Imagedisk to make perfect disks on DSDD floppies with the RX50. Just...
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    Booting a Pro 350 from Floppies

    Hi all, I'm trying to make Venix floppies for my Pro 350 but have no idea if the disks I made with Teledisk are working. The disk I understand that is supposed to boot is called the XFER disk, which seems to have written properly with Teledisk 2.15B. The Pro 350 powers on, then prints a small...
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    Miniscribe 3425 Track Zero Sensor Issue

    Another computer I was planning to bring to VCF 9.1 is giving me a grief. I got an Altos 886 a few years back that I managed to get booted up nicely to Xenix when I first got it. Played around with it for a bit exploring all the stuff left on it by its previous owners and then shut it down and...
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    Tandy 6000HD 8" Xenix floppies Needed

    Hi guys, I have a Tandy 6000HD in near perfect condition that has been in storage for 4 years. I'd like to use it as part of my exhibit at VCF East 9.1. It powers up fine and the screen looks great. Unfortunately all I get is "Boot Error HN" on the screen. I found a "Getting Started" page...
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    WTB: HP Blackbird 002

    Not vintage at all, but interesting nonetheless....looking for an HP Blackbird 002 in mint condition. Will even take a partial machine or empty case if it is in good shape. Thanks, Anthony
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    Whaaa? Is this the real W.O.P.R.?

    http://www.icollector.com/War-Games-Original-WOPR-Computer_i13855776 I read here that the original WOPR computer was broken up for scrap. So...what is this? Replica? Did the original really not get scrapped after all?
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    PIXAR Image Computer Spotted on ePay

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    Anyone try Telehack? It's quite addicting :) http://telehack.com or telnet telehack.com Telehack.com is a nostalgic text-based environment that simulates the Internet and BBSes of the 80s and early 90s. Hack into servers, dial BBSes, read old text files, browse Usenet, play classic...
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    Removing Yellowing from Plastics - Part 4

    The edit button seems to be missing, so I can't add this to the previous message. But here's the completed Apple IIe Platinum. You can see I avoided treating the logo for fear it would fade, so there a little yellowing still visible there. The photo doesn't do it justice. It really looks new.
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    It's 4am...time to post an updated wishlist

    I recently rented a decent size industrial/workshop type space that also has a small warehouse area along with some offices and storage so I can move all my vintage (and not so vintage) computers to work on and set up and not take up half the house. Soooooo...I'd like to get some bigger iron to...
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    Ancient TI 99/4a For Sale

    Ancient TI 99/4a probably used by Babbage himself to balance his checkbook.
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    Removing Yellowing from Plastics - Part 4

    It's late spring here in NJ...good time to do some retrobrite when it's nice and dry and not too hot. Here's an Apple IIe Platinum I just started working on. Decided to try just the lid and then start the rest of the case if things went well (which it appears they did...so I've started the rest...
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    Value of a VG/MINT Dynalogic Hyperion these days?

    Wondering if some collective wisdom could help me figure what the value (or good offer price) might be a for a working Hyperion portable in very good to mint condition (just the computer, no accessories, etc.) Thanks!
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    Wanted: AT&T 3B2 / 3B1 / UnixPC / 7300

    Hi all, Figure it's time to post my semi-annual appeal for 3B stuff. If anyone has (or knows anyone who has) 3B2 or 3B1/UnixPC/7300 machines, parts, accessories, etc, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Help opening a Dynalogic Hyperion case

    Anyone familiar with the Dynalogic Hyperion portable? I'm having a real hard time opening it up. The one I have looks like someone tried using a screwdriver to pry off the front panel and left some nice gouge marks all around the frame. I've tried sliding one of those fake plastic credit...
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    Looking for an Altos 2086

    Hi all, Looking for any Altos 2086 servers that are in nice cosmetic shape. Can be a non-working machine as long as its front and side panels are in good shape. Also looking for Xenix system software on tape or floppy, and any apps for the 2086. Thanks!
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    Victory Computer Systems FACTOR - Circa 1982

    While browsing some old issues of BYTE, I came across this fascinating piece of hardware that came out around November 1982. There's very little to be found online about it. Wondering if anyone has seen/used one of these before and if there's a remote chance someone might have one to part with :)