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    Hacking a Tandy 1000 SL BIOS

    Hi there everyone! As everyone knows the Tandy 1000 SL machines allow only 640KB RAM onboard, and a part of that memory is reserved for video. The amount of reserved memory is defined by what is configured at the serial EEPROM. So i've been thinking about this: 1. ROM BIOS must have a RAM...
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    Looking to buy a NCR 8496 3 voice sound Tandy chip! Please help!

    Hi there, i've been working on the Tandy patching project, bringing patched binaries to allow forced 3 voice Tandy sound on a non Tandy 1000 PC, via either a Tandy ISA card, or a TNDLPT parallel port dongle. I really need to find one of these NCR 8496 3 voice chips, which are clones of the...
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    Tandy 1000 TL motherboard

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a bare Tandy 1000 TL motherboard, i want to do a few overclocking experiments with one, and probably create a guide for the ultimate 16 color machine. Needless to say, the motherboard must be in perfect working condition. Thank you!!
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    IBM Music Feature on SCI1 and SCI1.1 (Listen to Space Quest 4 CD with the IBM MFC!)

    Hello there! So King's Quest V, Jones in the Fast Lane, Mixed Up Mother Goose and Quest for Glory 2 were the last 2 games with support for the IMFC. Well...oficially. The way the SCI engine works, IMFC support is absolutely intact for all games that use SCI1 and SCI 1.1 engines. All you need is...
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    Tandy 1000 SL with 768Kb memory. Seems possible in theory!

    I've been looking into the Tandy 1000 SL and TL tech reference manuals. These 2 seems to pretty much the same in terms of I/O port configurations. I've took a look into port FFEA on both the TL and SL. It seems that bit 6 and 7 control the memory configuration for the system. On the TL tech...
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    Tandy 1000 SL (and others) replacement ROM chips?

    Hi everyone, my Tandy 1000 SL comes with a couple of HN62312APC55 ROM chips made by Hitachi, and my BIOS version is Tandy 1.04.00. Since these parts are impossible to source i would like to find a pin compatible part, that will work on the Tandy 1000 SL sockets. This way not only i could...
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    .TD0 TeleDisk file format

    Hi there! I recently started using FlashFloppy firmware on my Gotek floppy emulators and i'm really enjoying it. I did the hardware mods on the Gotek and the OLED + the Rotary encoder make these units a lot nicer to use. I flashed the latest firmware to one of my units and was disappointed to...
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    Tandy 1000 SL gaming issues

    So i guess that most people that checks this forum section knows of my Frankentandy Tandy 1000 SL. Although my overclocking goal is a huge success (surpassing my wildest expectations) i've always had some issues since day 1. So even before i modded this motherboard i was experiencing some...
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    Tandy 1000 SL Jumper Settings

    OK, so i read that some later model Tandy 1000's have a jumper for VSYNC IRQ5. On my Tandy SL there's no such jumper. Checking the tech notes manual for all Tandy machines i found this for the SL: All other later machines seem to have this too and i was wondering about this. Which setting is...
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    The FrankenTandy 1000 SL: fastest XT in the world?

    Hi there. I present to you some screens of my Tandy 1000 SL running at a staggering 14MHz: Games that are heavy for an XT run very well: TOPBENCH scores: I'm still left to test higher OSC frequencies. I think the V30HL CPU will support higher than its rated 16MHz operation but...
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    WTB -- Tandy 1000 SL bottom drive rails

    Hi, i recently got a Tandy 1000 SL case, but it came without the rails for the bottom drive. Unfortunately Tandy made it so that the bottom drive needs some sort of plastic rails to be first attached to the drive sides before sliding the drive into the frame. The upper drive doesn't need any...
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    TFX Power supply on a Tandy 1000 SL/TL

    Call me crazy, but i'm gonna do this. I can't stand dealing with an increasing number of converters and cables, which just makes things harder and increasingly disorganized. Unless i can find a 220V Tandy Power Supply for my SL, i'm gonna cram a TFX PSU into the Tandy case. The TFX dimensions...
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    Tandy 1000 SL RGB output questions/issues

    Hi everyone, i just got myself a nice Tandy 1000 SL motherboard. I successfully modified an AT power supply so i could match the proper voltages with the connector. Whole issue with this is that i don't have any monitor capable of accepting RGBi signals. I do have a Turbo XT with CGA, which i...
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    Tandy 1000 SL overclocking

    Hey there fellas, i recently got a loose Tandy 1000 SL motherboard, including both satellite boards. I've always wanted a Tandy 1000 system. The Tandy i'm really after is the TL/3, but these are a little hard to find. Let alone the cost of shipping one from the US to Europe. Canada is even...
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    The 3 voice sound PCjr/Tandy 1000 games patching discussion thread!

    Hi everyone! First of all sorry for the lame title. Not really inspired today. The purpose of this thread is to document, gather info, and find volunteers to patch games to force 3 voice sound + CGA/EGA/VGA on a non Tandy/PCjr machine. This of course to use with a Tandy compatible sound...
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    Questioning myself about the importance of true IBM CGA

    Nowadays it's really hard to find a RGBi monitor to display proper IBM CGA. Having a true IBM CGA card is really important for compatibility. I was however quite surprised by the ability of OAK cards, namely the OTI-037C, to emulate RGB CGA. But if someone chooses the easy path of a VGA card...
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    Tandy Sound Compatible PCB

    Come on James, you did a fantastic job. A couple of errors in this stage is perfectly normal. Myself i'm just waiting for the damn SN76489's, i built my board today. I also pierced my finger on the 14pin socket... Excitement doesn't come without pain...
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    Tandy Sound Compatible PCB

    Got my PCB's!!! Now just waiting for the damn PSG chips arrive from Hong Kong. Super excited for this, can't believe it's been almost 2 years. Thank you James!!
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    System BIOS hacking, high density floppy BIOS and PC Booters

    Hi there! Recently i was looking into the source code of the IBM 5160 BIOS, and although knowledge of 8088 assembly is pretty much non existant i found one piece of code that i found particularly interesting. So the system BIOS obviously has to stop looking for extension ROMs past a certain...
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    WTB - NEL/Juko 8086/V30 motherboard

    Hi folks, i've been for a while looking for the 8086/V30 version of Juko motherboards. I'm not interested in the somewhat common 8088/V20 boards as i already own one. I'm only interested in the 8086/V30 version, which are similar in layout to the 8088/V20 ones. Here are some pictures...