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  1. J

    [HELP] Looking for Documentation on a Toshiba 1910CS 486 laptop

    Hello. Does anyone have a digital (pdf, docx, etc...) copy of the manuals for the Toshiba 1910CS laptop? I'm interested in upgrading the RAM and HD on my unit, but I'd rather have documentation on hand before I attempt surgery on the unit. Replacing a HD was not as easy as on todays laptops...
  2. J

    Wanted: EGA monitor

    Hello. Does anyone have a spare EGA monitor they might be interested in parting with? I dug out my Compaq Portable II that I upgraded years back to have a Hard Card and a EGA video card. I never got around to finding an EGA monitor for the system. Now that I dug it out, I'm hoping to find one...
  3. J

    Wanted: Tandy MMS-10 or LABTEC LCS1000 speakers

    Hello. Does anyone have a set or two of the Tandy MMS-10 or LABTEC LCS1000 speakers? They came in a rectangled shaped box with the two speakers facing the front. I'm hoping to find some of these for my 486 systems. Thanks John
  4. J

    Unisys CWD 486 DX2/66 manuals/documentation

    Hello. Does anyone here have online/electronic manuals for the Unisys CWD 486 DX2/66 slim desktop PC? There appears to only be the Pentium version on the Unisys website. If you have any online documentation for these PCs, please let me know. Thanks John
  5. J

    DOS based communications package with Telnet?

    Hello. Does anyone know of any DOS based communications software like Procomm Plus that had Telnet connectivity? I'm not sure if it even exists, but I thought I'd ask. I'm hoping to be able to connect to old telnet BBSes through my 486 computer's NIC which is connected to my network. Thanks John
  6. J

    Wanted: HP Omnibook 4000CT laptop.

    If anyone has an old Omnibook 4000CT laptop in nice condition, please contact me. I used to own one of these back in the early 90s and recently, I've been getting the itch to go back and play with DOS, and the usual apps and games that I played back in the day. I'd love to get another one of...
  7. J

    WANTED: Unisys CWD 486 DX4/100

    Does anyone have a "Unisys CWD 486 DX4/100" small PC they are interested in selling? If so, please contact me. Thanks John
  8. J

    WANTED: Small 10 - 12 Inch VGA/SVGA CRT monitors.

    Hello. Does anyone have any color VGA/SVGA 10-12 inch CRT monitors they may be willing to sell for a reasonable price? If so, please let me know. Thanks John
  9. J

    Trying to find an old HP laptop model and information.

    Back in the early 90s I purchased a laptop from J&R Musicworld. It was a neat 486 computer with a floppy and hard drive built in. I sold it a few years later when I out grew it. Recently, I was thinking about my first laptop and wanted to look it up for nostalgias sake. After looking around the...
  10. J

    Mini 486 gaming PC?

    Hello Everyone. Lately, I've been having an interest in my old DOS days. I miss a lot of the software and the games that I used to play. Tonight I sat down and thought about getting a mini 486 type board. One of those single board computers like the PC/104. I wanted to get any oppinions on...
  11. J

    Atari Mega ST or 1040 STE?

    Hello. I'm looking to replace my dead 1040 ST. I'm hoping to get a Mega ST 2/4 system. If anyone has a spare that they might be willing to sell, please let me know. Also, if there are no Mega ST 2 or 4 MB systems, I'd be interested in a 1040 STE. Thanks John
  12. J

    IBM 5150 keyboard and / or Monitor.

    Hi everyone. I just picked up a really nice condition IBM 5150 PC. The unit only included the case and internals. I need to try and hunt down a keyboard and monitor for the system. If anyone has a spare or no longer needed 5150 style keyboard, please let me know. Also, if you have an IBM...
  13. J

    TANDY DMP-250 Color Ribbons

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone might know where I can find printer ribbons for the Tandy DMP-250 printer? I found a seller of B&W ribbons on the web, but none for color ribbons. I recently won a DMP-250 on eBay and purchased it for it's color ability. I already have a nice TANDY DMP B&W...
  14. J

    DOS System and 30GB HD?

    I have a 30GB Hard drive that I want to install into a DR-DOS v7.03 system. I'm planning on using it as my lone drive so it will need to be broken into multiple partitions, the first of which will be the DR-DOS boot partition. What I wanted to ask is if anyone knows what software will let me get...
  15. J

    Tandy 2500 386sx20?

    Hey all! I wanted to ask if it is possible to upgrade the 386SX25 in a Tandy 2500HD? I'm interested in upgrading it to a faster 386 processor. Perhaps a DX 40, or higher. I forget if the AMD DX40 was tops or was it a DX4-100? I think the latter was only 486 systems. Anyhow, anyone know if I...
  16. J

    [HELP] Need to find a Specific Type of Tape Drive

    Ok... I don't want to talk your ears off, so I'm going to try and not get sentimental and go on and on about my days as a PC BBS sysop. Let me just give you the quick end of it. NOTE: As always... I kept typing and BINGO long message. You can skip the next bit and go to the bottom where you...
  17. J

    [HELP] DOS terminal / comm program with Telnet Connectivity?

    Hi all. I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of a DOS based terminal or communications program that supports telnet connectivity, and the ability to conduct file transfers via X, Y or Z Modem protocols? The last time I was working on this, I setup my Compaq Portable II system and got it working...
  18. J

    EGA / VGA Tand, Compaq, IBM monitors

    Hi all. I'm hoping to add a few EGA and VGA/SVGA monitors to my vintage computer collection. If anyone has any that they would like to give away, trade for other items that I may have, or offer it for a decent price (I'm currently out of work, so I can't afford to throw around a lot of money.)...
  19. J

    lOOKING FOR: TI Monitor PHA4100A

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask if any of the members here might have the following monitor they wish to sell or trade. The monitor is a Texas Instruments TI Monitor PHA4100A. If anyone has one or knows of someone selling them on the web, please PM me. Thanks John
  20. J

    WTB: Tandy 1000 Black Floppy Drives 360k

    Hi everyone. I recently received a Tandy 1000 and both floppy drives appear to be dead. What I wanted to ask is this: 1. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement black floppy drive? 2. Can I use any black 5.25" floppy drives or does the Tandy require specific drives for the 1000? 3...