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    Nan Tan / Bondwell / Clevo 7600 Pentium 75 laptop DRIVERS?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of restoring a Pentium 75 laptop, and want to know more about the specs and whether anyone has drivers available. I tried emailing clevo.com.tw, their response, check the website for drivers. It's not there. I can see it in the wayback machine, but the links are all...
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    First Apple 2e in 20 years! Vertical bars on boot

    Ok guys got an update... Still not working!! I've replaced the CD, EF and Video ROM's (thanks modem7) as well as the RAM and tried replacing every LSxxx chip Volts are good, CPU Pin 7 has a clock, Reset pin goes low-high on boot and stays high. What on earth else could be wrong?
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    First Apple 2e in 20 years! Vertical bars on boot

    Interesting! I pulled the CPU and I get clean bars. When it's inserted I get this: Does this still look like CPU issues? I swapped a few of the RAM chips around (first to last etc) and it didn't make any difference. Here's the board for reference: https://imgur.com/a/QXaqlAy Also, neither...
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    First Apple 2e in 20 years! Vertical bars on boot

    Hi guys, So, I've finally got another Apple 2e! The PSU is dead but that's another issue. I've got a bench supply running it at the moment. What does it mean when booting gives these vertical lines? Any repair flowcharts available, etc? Or any common causes? Thanks in advance for any help!!
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    Fundraiser for my work

    So guys, here's my adventure for next year! I'll need to lose more weight and get a lot more fit before next October! I'll be trekking for 50 kilometres through the Himalayan foothills in North India as a fundraiser for Empower (where I work) to dig a well for an underprivileged community there...
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    Using vintage HD bezel w/modern drive. HACK

    I just glued the front panel to a plastic 5.25-3.5 adapter...
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    Need cable for Intel 386 upgrade board

    Hi guys, I bought this off eBay But it didn't come with the special cable to go to the original 8088 socket! :( Does anyone have one spare? Or can anyone take some good photos of said cable so I can attempt to re-create it? Thanks in advance!
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    WTB: Pentium 60 or 66 (socket 4) in motherboard

    Hi guys, I'm on a quest to re-create all the old PC's I used when I was young! Does anyone have a motherboard with a Pentium 60 or 66 they can part with? Must be working. I am in Australia, so I understand postage may be costly, just want to know if anything's out there :) Thanks! Bobby.
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    Possibly getting an M24 - keyboard options

    As promised, here are some pictures! I couldn't find the VGA adapter cable I made, so I had to make another one. Please excuse the image being off-screen, it was the first LCD I found that liked the timings and I hadn't gotten further than that. But yes, colour works! Will post more pics as...
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    *Almost* no-name PC clones

    Here's a few of mine: A clone of the IBM AT (missing the badge) that did have a dead XT clone board in it until I put a working 286 board in, and a "PC PRO" by "MicroAge" A "Compac 88" by "Profound" Another Badgeless XT Clone just like the million others.
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    Well, this is just unfortunate

    The trick is those shiny silver bits in the rails about half way back. If they are bent down it doesn't hold it in. You can see my (left) one is a bit bent. Check the part at the front you pushed down to release it isn't bent too far down either.
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    Well, this is just unfortunate

    Look under the bottom drive from the front, there is a bendy piece of metal running from left to right. You need to put a screwdriver in there and push down on it, and the whole lot will slide forward.
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    Possibly getting an M24 - keyboard options

    Yay! The COM port redirection worked! I made a boot disk with "ctty com1" in autoexec.bat and set up terminal on my 286, and I got an output! I was able to LLF and format the drive and install DOS on it... although got some interesting quirks in the output. I guess some aspects of the LLF and...
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    Possibly getting an M24 - keyboard options

    I figured some pics were due. I always like seeing a machine I'm talking about :)
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    WANTED: Olivetti M24 or AT&T 6300 keyboard!

    I'm in Australia so I understand postage will be expensive... but does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? Thanks in advance!
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    Possibly getting an M24 - keyboard options

    Update - Forget about the VGA card, I tried another older LCD and I got video! It POSTS, but won't boot. A few times it froze randomly on startup but after running a while it seems to reliably finish POST but won't actually boot. It just sits there forever with the floppy light on. I've tried...
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    Wanted: Microsoft Bookshelf for DOS (Original Version)

    Soft or Hard Copy would be great! I've added a SCSI external CDROM to my IBM AT and want to use it for something! Thanks in advance :)
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    Possibly getting an M24 - keyboard options

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking at getting an Olivetti M24 for pretty cheap... but it's box only! I know i can work around the monitor issue but what about the keyboard? Do I need a genuine one? Or are there other options? Thanks in advance!
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    HDD Clock

    Thought a few of you might be interested. I bought a clock assembly off eBay for $3 and cut a hole in the back of a dead HDD I had lying around.