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    What vintage computer piece is the most sought after item?

    I think like most collectors that there is always what seems like an unobtainable item. Some of us don't feel like their collection is complete without it. So what is that item for you? For me.....It's a Commodore 65, I even tracked down one here in Oz (one of only 2 in Oz) that was only 1...
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    What's the rarest thing you have/had? How much is it worth?

    Hi all. After seeing that Ultima game (Vic 20) on ebay sell for over US$3,000 I was wondering how many people out there have something rare/worth a lot? Obviously it doesn't have to be this pricey... The picked up a C64 setup from someone locally for around us$80 and it came with a HOWZAT...
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    Amstrad CPC 6128 Disk Drive problem - Help needed

    Hi, I recently acquired one of these nice machines and the disk drive just makes a noise (and doesn't stop) once I try to access it. From what I've read on the net the belt probably needs changing. For anyone in the know, does this sound correct? I've opened her up and had a look at the...
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    My collection 1 Year on - Australia

    Hi everyone!!! I started out in the early 80's with a Sharp MZ731 computer, followed by a Commodore 128D, Amiga 500, Amiga 600, Amiga 1200. Over the years they were sold off. About a year ago I started to collect those 80's PC's, not sure why but I just remember reading about them all in...