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    VCF East October 2023 Swap Meet

    This is the first time they charged for a swap meet (or if they did it at the summer one the parking lot wasn’t blocked off and everyone walked in for free after coming in from the back of the lot regardless). I don’t remember paying a cover charge to get into Shop Rite earlier. Target has...
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    VCF East October 2023 Swap Meet

    I can’t believe they charged $5 to attend an open air swap meet in a parking lot this year. What a rip off. This will be my last VCF swap meet.
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    Mid Atlantic NJ: Heathkit H19 Terminal

    I am less than 20 minutes away from Pemberton (I was even a busboy on base at the Officer's Club when I was a kid). What else do you need to get rid of?
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    Rev 04 Apple II+ - No Clock signal

    Check to ensure all the ICs (and especially the two you replaced) are oriented correctly. Really easy to put them in backwards when fixing the II+
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    disk drive compatibility

    Where are you from EyesofShiva? I have three official datasettes (VIC-20, C-64, and Plus/4) that I am ready to trash.
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    Commodore 64 keyboard repair/replacement

    I was cleaning my office yesterday and found a spare C64 keyboard under my desk. You are welcome to it, but honestly the price of shipping to AU these days is so high, I doubt it would be worth it for you.
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    Commodore 64 keyboard repair/replacement

    If you are just looking for a keyboard the VIC-20 keyboard is the same. VIC-20s are usually cheaper than bread bins and a good option for harvesting a keyboard if you need one.
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    February VCF East Swap Meet

    Things I’m looking for at the swap meet: 1. Cheap ADB keyboard for testing and Apple IIGS that I got a while back. 2. An old 80286 or similar with a working 5.25 floppy for archiving some old disks. High density is fine since I’ll be using it for reading mostly.
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    Wanted- macintosh dnd games

    There were definitely versions of M&M I and II for the Mac, but they are very pricey when they pop up.
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    5 1/4” 720kb Floppy Drive Why? when? Where?

    Commodore did produce several Quad Density drives (what you are describing) and they held 1MB. SFD-1001 is one example, and I believe the 8250 is another. https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/SFD-1001 They were not terribly wide spread because they only worked out of the box with the PET and CBM line...
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    February VCF East Swap Meet

    I have a question about the VCF East Swap Meet happening on 2/26 - will there be a free table? I have some things, like a non-working VIC-20, that I would not sell, but would be happy to leave for taking?
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    VIC-20 and C64 Color SRAM on sale at Jameco

    Just a heads up to folks who frequently repair VIC-20s and C64s - Jameco has some old stock of 2114 SRAMs (Intel brand) that they are clearing out (10% discount applied in cart). It is still more expensive from Jameco (even with 10% for clearance) than from Unicorn, but some folks prefer...
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    MAcintosh Classic CRT Inside Apple IIc monitor

    I have seen quite a few swaps into a Mac as most 9" MDA compatible tubes fit nicely into it. You can easily put a green 9" from a Kaypro or amber 9" from a Compaq portably into classic Macs. I have never seen the opposite attempted. Please keep us posted!
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    WTB: HP Vectra CS Portable - NJ

    I am in NJ, looking for an HP Vectra CS portable. Broken and yellowed is fine and almost preferred as I enjoy fixing and retrobrighting. Thanks
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    Mini PET now up for pre-order

    I am sure folks here already know, but in case you haven't, the Mini PET is up for pre-order and shipping in about 2 weeks. https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/mini-pet.html You can grab a new motherboard for your PET that uses the PET power supply, monitor, and keyboard or a standalone kit with...
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    FS: Sacrilegious Commodore PET 2001 Aquarium Conversion

    Spotted this on Facebook marketplace (see the attached picture) and had to post it just for the outrage. Also someone needs to tell the seller that the keyboard alone would go for 3X what he or she is asking for the whole thing. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/258004695330568/
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    HELP: Frame Error when using PCGET to recieve files

    I have a CP/M small board computer based on the Z180. It has two UARTs built in: ASCII-0 and ASCII-1. I use ASCII-0 for the terminal and ASCII-1 for file transfers. I can transfer files to PC/MAC no problem via ASCII-1, but when I try to transfer files (XMODEM or XMODEM-1) from the MAC/PC to...
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    FS: ICs for COSMAC, SC/MP, Zilog and many others

    A long time ago I got a large lot of vintage ICs from an estate sale and finally got to sorting them out. If anyone here needs parts for a project, you can have them for the cost of shipping since they are untested unless it has an asterisks which means it is a ceramic gold package and I might...
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    When did low-quality eye glasses become the norm?

    I recently lost my glasses and have switched to a nearly 20 year old pair while I wait for my new pair to arrive. When I put the old pair on I immediately noticed that the lenses, despite being a lower prescription, were heavier and felt like real glass as opposed to plastic. Even though the...
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    FS: Zenith SuperSport 8088 Laptop

    Working Zenith SuperSport 8088 laptop. Includes power brick, battery, and carrying case. $50 shipped East of the Mississippi $65 shipped West of the Mississippi Works like a treat. XT Hard Drive boots to DOS. Floppy has been tested and I can verify that it works. Cosmetically great except for...