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  1. wrm

    Need help identifying a large TO-3 "transistor"

    I see your question (and the answers) on Reddit etc. The 8088 PSU has one LM317. Maybe your PSU has two? Trace the schematic, but if there are three pins and the one is an input and the other is an output and the third has a resistive divider hanging off of it -- LM317.
  2. wrm

    PC-2 / PC-1500 problem

    Yup, mine did exactly the same. It's a plastic / rubber spacer block that grows fur and disintegrates. You can remove it and clean up with IPA etc.
  3. wrm

    Who knows something about the old NEC PC-6001A around here?

    "C2373" = 2SC2373 = NPN power transistor https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf/638392/SavantIC/2SC2373/1
  4. wrm

    Bondwell 14 disks

    I have Bondwell 12 images up at http://retro.co.za/ccc/bondwell/ (which I ripped) but those might have found their way into MAME, dunno.
  5. wrm

    What to do with a 68 K-based CPU board used in the 1990' for piloting a bank of modems.

    I hang out in Slovenia too so can provide address there.
  6. wrm

    What to do with a 68 K-based CPU board used in the 1990' for piloting a bank of modems.

    I would definitely make an SBC out of that. Looks to have everything you need. Sure, dump the ROMs, but for starters hook up the serial ports one by one and see what comes out. From what I remember one needs to do at least some termination on the VME bus for a board to come up, I have...
  7. wrm

    Casio AS-A 1969 Nixie Calculator - Division Issue

    Don't do that, it's still a display piece and history and stuff. They don't make 'em anymore... Where in .eu are you?
  8. wrm

    Pure Text Adventures For The Apple II

    The Airlock collection is new, and text only, but works on two dozen platforms, not exclusive to Apple. https://www.microheaven.com/airlock/
  9. wrm

    Diversi-DOS 1-A

    Hi all I'm looking for a copy of Diversi-DOS 1-A, or failing that the earliest version I can find (I have 2-C and later). Backstory: back in the eighties I hacked Diversi-DOS 1-A, and now I have only my hacked copy and would like to compare it to the original if possible. Thanks W
  10. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    Yea the magic word is ALL03. (http://matthieu.benoit.free.fr/120.htm) Code for these ROMs is http://retro.co.za/ccc/BurroughsTD831/ROMs/BUR_MASK.C I have an Expro-60, and you will of course need a DOS box with ISA, and DJGPP. I have DJGPP 2.03.
  11. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    Hi all I have now re-dumped my ROMs, with the following results, compared to cliff@swissbay.net's 26389841 REV F.zip file: 9316B-4220 at 0xA000 : similar but also different. Idunno,maybe its different code, maybe my ROM has something strange wrong with it. 9316B-5221 at 0xA800 : identical...
  12. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    I made the TXT files first. I then changed the code I used to make them. I then made the BIN files. Somewhere in the middle, someone scraped my website and put the TXT files on bitsavers. The BIN files are _different_. It's not the format. It's stuff I _learned_, and fixed. Please delete files...
  13. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    The TXT files was a first attempt. The BIN files are much better. Not saying they're correct, but please throw the TXT files away. Seriously. With the info from this thread I can get a better idea of where the ROMs map in memory, I see the ones I thought mapped at 0x8000 - 0x9000 should map to...
  14. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    Aaah I see. Would have been good to have a link back to me from bitsavers, so that y'all could ping me instead of me accidentally finding this thread :-) No worries, I still have the 831, so I can re-look at the problem. For the record, the TXT files is what I did first, dump the thing as big...
  15. wrm

    Burroughs TD830 (Firmware ROM Type)

    I have a TD831. Wrote some code for my Expro to read the ROMs. Pics, ROM dumps, etc here: http://retro.co.za/ccc/BurroughsTD831/
  16. wrm

    12 new size-coded Apple II demos

    >get to the BASIC prompt Hehehe I see what you did there. Good one.