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    Model 30 286

    How would one go about checking those on the 30-286? This will be a great reference when I start restoring ours.
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    Model 30 286

    I'm not sure what the procedure is for powering up such old equipment from an unknown state--anyone have any guidance? I know that you're not just supposed to plug it in and turn it on.
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    Model 30 286

    Glad to have helped! It is possible, but one of the things I do remember from our adventures was that any other interface other than SCSI was out because it would also try to boot and/or would have address conflicts, et al with the factory one. This was the main reason we went with the SCSI...
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    Model 30 286

    So having a 30-286 for our first computer, I learned all sorts of things about it. First, the drive is not standard for the time--ours was the 30MB Seagate ST138L I believe. It wasn't the 138A (IDE) or the 138N (SCSI), and it had a large edge card connector on it. We never tried to upgrade...
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    IBM PS/2 Owners

    30-286 upgraded to 386 and 486 along with a st01 scsi card and 240mb scsi drive. We really maxed it out. Hope it can be restored at some point as it was as great machine. :) Oh and I forgot about the Model 30! This was used as a terminal for a system 36 that was our Days Inn reservation...
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    Any precautions required or advice before powering up a model 80?

    Thank you for posting this question. I was wondering the same thing for our original 30-286 that hasn't seen power since the mid-1990s. Still has some data on it too!
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    The South Commodore Board Repairs in the USA

    This is good to know as I have a bunch of Commodores that I need to work on at some point including our original that was fully outfitted with jiffydos. It stopped working after being left in a high heat environment for a few years.
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    Mid Atlantic 32MB ECC SIMMs for PS/2

    For systems of that era, it's best if you can find IBM branded or compatibles that match the IBM part numbers. Now there are two part numbers, the factory original, and the FRU 'Field Replacement Unit' part number (sometimes also called CRU 'Customer Replacement Unit'). These part numbers are...
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    Need help with a “PC” I bought on eBay - Pentium 3 Socket 370

    Startech is my goto for things like this for decades and they haven't disappointed as they are usually the best quality for whatever the device is, and their support is pretty stellar. Even hooking up their usb-dp cable in their lab to test and confirm working an unsupported configuration for me.
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    Will a Full Length ISA card fit on an IBM 300PL's riser card?

    Late to the party, but I think I can help a I believe I have any IBM 300PL that I can open and check. Generally, IBM was pretty good about making at least one slot able to use a full length card without a problem, so I would assume it wouldn't be an issue.
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    Good DOS terminal emulators for the 5150 that run on a 360KB floppy?

    Somewhere I remember running quicklink and quicklink pro on our 30-286 from floppy. I can't even find an existence of that program now in a search online. But as many others have mentioned, the original procomm was very light and usable.
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    Chinese 8088-based laptop system with pirated 8088 BIOS

    This makes me livid--knowing the person here who made the bios and the MF chinese and their 'steal with pride' attitude just profiteering off his work. I've created copyrighted works (photographs) and had them used without compensation or permission, and that makes me mad (especially since the...
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    Apple A1048 and M7803 Keyboards

    I have several of these that need a good home. I have a UPS account so shipping will be reasonable, especially on multiple orders. Just PM me your complete address for a quote. I can use USPS upon request or if shipping is cheaper. I'm asking $12 a keyboard of either model + shipping. I...
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    For Sale: shopgoodwill.com continuous sightings

    In the same spirit as the Craigslist thread, there's some great deals on shopgoodwill.com, so let's find them and post them. Plus, the shipping is very reasonable so almost anyone can take advantage of these deals. :D Here's what I found today: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/59558172 -...
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    IBM 6794 and 2GB of Ram?

    This is a somewhat modern system as it is in the Pentium 400fsb era, but it's definitely getting to be old for sure. The original specs for this system specified 1.5GB of RAM max via 3 512MB PC133 SDRAM modules. These could be either ECC or non-ECC, but not registered. In some research on the...
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    FS: Apple Part# 614-0039 Power Macintosh 7000 series Power Supply

    I have a power supply for the Power Mac 7000 series. It's a genuine Apple part with the Apple part# 614-0039 on the label (serial# 181563 if that helps anyone). Along with the various max amps on each voltage it says '150W MAX'. It's in great shape considering all I would have to do is wipe...
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    What Are the Odds of This?

    So I got a box of older hard drives from a friend. Most are small sizes <10gb, a good number <1gb. What's neat is I have a lot of pairs of the same drive, which is great because you can just put two of them in a system and manually mirror them. Well, I checked out the serial numbers of two...
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    Free or For Sale Cheap! A Whole Lot of PC/Mac/Sun/SGI stuff in Madison, Alabama

    I ran into a guy locally that has two 18-wheeler trailers and three storage spaces of computer stuff that he wants to dump by spring. He's throwing away high-end 17" CRT monitors like the Sony Trinitron FD by the van load, and has a ton of stuff that he just wants to get rid of. I got some...
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    Hello Everyone

    My name is Samir and I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I ran into some vintage and legacy computer links when looking for what might be the best browser for a 486 system and eventually ended up here. What a great little place on the web. I started out in computers at an early age. My father...