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    Toshiba T4400 Power Supply Pinouts?

    I have 3 T4400 power supplies that I'm troubleshooting after replacing all the caps. I get enough life from them to get blink codes ( variously related to memory initialization) I'm hoping someone could enlighten me as to the pinouts. I know the obvious voltage related ones but I'm clueless...
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    Ok, so I managed to get life, but Im just getting blink codes from the battery light. They are , variously depending on different factors hex. Bh, 15h, 7h
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    I did some basic meter stuff on the mosfets and none of them appear shorted and only conduct between 2 of the pins in only one direction. The big chip on the board is a microcontroller with prom. If it's hosed I'm out of luck. The battery prongs take current when they are given voltage. I...
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    I used flux remover and then some isopropyl. "It also looks like there are some custom hybrid modules used." Can they be decapped or depotted?
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    Here are photos of the front and back. I have a reflow setup and most testing equipment up to a scope if you have questions.
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    That's the big one though. We are extremely lucky if we find a schematic on any of our equipment, even when it was new. That aside, I recapped the board and all the 1000uf's were leaking. Traces under all look good. Still no life from the module though, and no current draw when trying to...
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    Recapping a Toshiba T3200, what caps?

    I got a few t4400 laptops as parts machines. I hook them up to 21v and they draw 0 power. Even when I hit the power button, nothing. Are they toast or can the caps cause this?
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    Bootleg 5161

    What exactly do the Receiver and Transmitter cards do? Signal Amplification? Buffering? What if a ribbon cable was used instead of a round one? I've seen ISA extender cables, what is the limit to how long the cable can be? Also, I believe Sergey's backplane only has holes for ATX.
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    Looking for DIP settings on Kurta Digitizer

    I'm looking for the dip switch settings on a Kurta IS/one 12 inch digitizer. The same one in this video. All help is appreciated. Thanks
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    10BASE2 over RG59/RG6

    http://frogfind.com/ converts the into readable formats
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    10BASE2 over RG59/RG6

    I've heard tell about Windows 3.1 systems using browsers that start to have issues.
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    10BASE2 over RG59/RG6

    Do you face any risks hooking up vintage gear to the internet?
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    Need part number for Everex 32 nit memory card.

    I have managed to find a photo of the card. Here it is in all it's glory. Way more populated than I thought.
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    Need part number for Everex 32 nit memory card.

    Unfortunately no. The correct one has simms as well as cache chips(required).
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    Need part number for Everex 32 nit memory card.

    After spending an hour on Usenet(Google groups) I have discovered the part number for the Everex step 386 memory Expansion to be EV-1817. Maybe this will be helpful to someone else. I doubt I will actually ever find one.
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    Zenith Z-181 - My Review

    Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if the HDD controller is installed without opening the machine up?
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    Everex EV-1816 Rev G2 BIOS / Post Codes

    A manual set sold on ebay in July, so they exist.
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    Software which can use 8087/80287 coprocessor?

    That link is dead now. For a site that is for vintage computing they certainly have a hard time maintaining link standards.
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    Overclocking Everex 1816

    What should I be looking out for?