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    California Tandon PXC-20

    I have this set of cards Tandon for sell
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    Paradise PVC2 questions on Olivetti M19

    My m19 with monitor that I would sell for 200euro
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    Southern Europe Wts Hdd stock vintage

    I have a big stock of hdd vintage..i can not test every hdd and I sell like not working but are not tested..i can send in all world, if you like some parts write message. Price is low and discount for lot! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11WVsj2neZPynfQlrlXKu5vFq0xS4cYhM
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    Midwest Floppy disk controller board for Xerox 820-II

    I wait your answer after your question in private message
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    New England PS/2 Parts : to good home.

    I m interested in audio mca card
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    Ericsson and acer

    I show my new pcs…https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10tqDgyNySdiMqBtNR8octZCrYRtkO__d
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    Southern Europe [WTS] Lot of Ibm computer vintage

    I want sell this stock of pc ibm. I live in Italia and I can send in Europe and all world, computers are untested, I sell as is.. some models are very rare for example mini tower, if you need more info write me. Ibm pc 350 250euro, ibm 300gl desttop 100euro, ibm aptiva 250euro, ibm pc 300 mini...
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    Southern Europe [WTS] Type 1 Processor 486 Board Ibm Ps/2 model 90/95

    I sell my Type 1 Processor 486 Board Ibm Ps/2 model 90/95. It is very rare and in good condition. I sell for 300 euro + cost of shipping. I can send in all world. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10Gy6dxlmtgovYQG5Hxvrh2E__THncjj5
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    Southern Europe [WTS] Motherboard Sbc 386 Wyse pc first generation

    I sell my Motherboard Sbc 386 Wyse pc first generation with 386dx-16 and socket for Weitek and Socket for 287. This is first generation of mobo 386 that worlked with 287. And RAM card and controller card. Price is 350 euro + cost of shipping. I can send in all world...
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    Olivetti collection

    In my list these isn’t m20
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    Olivetti collection

    Next days i send
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    Olivetti collection

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    Olivetti collection

    Hello i want start sell some of my collection of olivetti pc , these are some models, m380-40, p800, m380-xp5, m290, m300-04, m380-xp7. I need suggest/help to start sell..because it is difficul decide price for example for the 3 big tower…
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    Wyse pc386 board

    Sorry ok generic backplane goooodddd