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  1. MrPoppe

    DIP Switches settings for Bondwell BW38 motherboard

    Hi! I have the same problem, so far I have figured out that Dip 5 sets RAM to 512 or 640 and Dip 6 enables and disables buildt in Floppy controller I had one in 86-87 and I know thay some are for setting waitstates for ram, one is for enable 8087 and i THINK one is for choosing color or...
  2. MrPoppe

    Want to sell sealed DOS/Win 3.1 software

    -Hi! Any chance you stil have the Bondwell stuff still?
  3. MrPoppe

    Wanted Bondwell 38 8088 PC

    Hi Mark! Found one yet?, I just got one myself, It was my first PC in 86-87. If get one I am seeking the setup floppy, I dont have one for mine and/or if I get hold of one you can have a copy...
  4. MrPoppe

    My Collection

    -Hi there! I have a Bondwell B200 also but no English boot floppy/ies, do you? If so, may I have a copy of it? Jonas
  5. MrPoppe

    Free for postage : Various documentation

    -Hi there! I you still have it I am very interested in the Bondwell User's guide you listed Jonas
  6. MrPoppe

    Bondwell BW 34

    Hi Erik and Olaf! I to has a 34, I bought mine from the Netherlands a few months ago, It worked but woudnt boot, I have no manual for it and even if I use to have one of these then they were new I cant remeber what the dips do. I figuered out two of them and now I can boot it from an other...
  7. MrPoppe

    Looking for Bondwell 8T Expanded Memory Manager-Driver (EMM.SYS)

    Hi! I have what is supose to be the original MS-DOS floppy for the Bondwell 8T, drop me a line if you want a copy...
  8. MrPoppe

    Bondwell B200 Laptop - Disk Issues

    -I had the same problems but I got a Bondwell branded DR-DOS 5 (german) and it formats the floppies to 720, then I sys them from my English Bondwell/MS-DOS 3.30 Drop me a line if you want a copy of the "working" DR-DOS...
  9. MrPoppe

    "ATi Wonder Series Database"

    Hi! Anyone knows who has the site ATi Wonder Series Database Link: https://sites.google.com/site/atiwonderseriesdatabase/home I have a early and apparently rare version "ATI Graphics Solution Plus SP" and it would be nice to get it in there... Or if there is any other site worth visiting...