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    Working AT&T PC6300

    OK - here's pics. Definitely says "Display Enhancement Board." Hard to see much, or take a REALLY good picture of the board, as it's still, get this, *SEALED* in the antistatic bag. Board layout matches the drawings in the manual to identify jumper locations. Maybe I should just eBay the board...
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    Working AT&T PC6300

    He's good with someone local getting it. It's in So Florida, Pembroke Pines to be exact, near I75 and Pines Blvd. Included is one complete nice-shape system, barely any yellowing, with 5.25" fdd and what looks to be a 20MB HDD, with AT&T Dos 3.3 loaded. ROM POST shows 640kb RAM installed, and...
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    Working AT&T PC6300

    In So Florida. Seems to already have the 1.43 BIOS, 20MB drive of some sort, with AT&T dos 3.30. Monitor and Keyboard also included, system is actually in pretty nice shape! There's various floppies and stuff like an "enhanced video board" in box, with another board inside. Everything works...
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    KAYPRO and KayFreHD as a hard disk module

    I can tell you from experience, and '84 TurboROM is an '84 TurboROM. Make sure you are using v3.4. From your pics, you definitely have an '84 board, which is identified by the RAM being in front left corner, and the interfaces being on the right (viewed rom the front) edge of the board. The big...
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    OT: Win7Pro Sp1 SBP

    NM... wrong edition...
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    Osborne 1b PSU needed

    Need a PSU board for an O1b, the grey 2nd edition one. Mine went POOF! a few weeks ago. If someone can also tell me what the name of the part that says "0,1mF @X" on it, I can order the part too. It let out the magic smoke, so I ran out of smoke. On the side is says (I think) f0=4,9mHz 250V...
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    Need pair of FH DS/DD 5.25" FD drives

    Looking for a pair of working 5.25" FH DS/DD 400/360KB (unf/for) floppy drives like from a dead 5150/5160, for an upgrade to a different system. Pair should be matching, and functional. let me know price or if you're looking for something, or both. Cheers! Tony
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    Knowing how we all feel about fleaBay/EvilBay, If you listed something on eBay, and a known buy-to-resell ID bid on your stuff, would you nuke their bid and block? I want the stuff I'm selling to go to people who will appreciate them, and it's NOT just about the money, so if I lose out on...
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    Equipment available free in S. Fla

    Anyone in South Florida, or nearby willing to drive? Located in Broward County, west of Hollywood Have a stack of Kaypro 1's, II, IV, and some PC's, like 2-3 Columbia, a Corona, a needs-repair Zorba, a couple of Osborne 1's, Osborne Exec parts, and whatever else you can grab. Also have a box...
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    Sad Model 100 / Club 100 news

    Those of you into the RS/TRS-80 Model 100/102 series, are surely familiar with Club 100, and its founder, Rick Hanson. Sadly, Rick succumbed to a relapse of colon cancer, which had metastatized to his liver, and possibly beyond. Rick went to take a nap, and passed away while asleep. Rick was...
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    New P112 kit run

    For those of you unaware, Dave Griffith is taking pre-orders for another P112 kit run. Visit http://661.org/p112/ for info. Cost is $150 all-inclusive. If you don't feel like building a kit, Terry Gulczynski offers a kit-building service, and he also offers a GIDE add-on board for IDE HDD...
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    Bunch of CoCo items listed...

    Burke & Burke XT-RTC MFM setup, with XT-ROM 3.0 (autoboots from HDD) WD1002-WX1 MFM controller, with XT-ROM 3.0 for a Burke & Burke XT or XT-RTC FD-502 disk drive, with HDS dual-ROM controller, with Dragon and Tandy DECB1.1 ROMs Kaypro 2/84, in excellent working condition, with TurboROM v3.4 and...
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    Anyone near Hanover, MA?

    I need some stuff from the Ritz Camera there... I'll pay you for your time, and of course all costs+shipping... Pretty please???? T
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    Value: Sol-20 ?

    What's a SOL-20 with floppy drives and monitor worth? I'll have more details and photos in about a week. T
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    Some Color Computer Stuff

    So before I fleabay it, anyone interested? Got a CoCo3, with original Tandy 512K upgrade, tested+working $75 +s/h I'll even toss in a Hitachi 6309 CPU for it - these go for $20-25 by themselves Complete Burke & Burke XT-RTC MFM hard disk setup. Pristine condition. Includes: XT-RTC interface...
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    A few listings on fleaBay

    Need to keep raising $$ for the kids car, plus my wife's car... 1) Epson PF-10 FDD for the Epson PX-8 Geneva with manual/cable/utility disk/AC adapter - this is EXCEEDINGLY rare! 2) a PX-8 with a replaced battery pack+manuals 3) An Epson MultiUnit 64 wedge for the PX-8 - 60kb RAMdisk, modem, +...
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    W: Pentax K-Mount bayonet slr camera lenses

    Got any? Lemme know what ya got, and how much or trade ya want. They don't have to be digital specific (DA series) nor Pentax-brand only. I'll look at vivitars, Tamrons, Sigma's, etc... T
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    HP 1000CX 2MB DOS 5.00 Palmtop

    Need to raise some more $$ - daddy needs a new lens for his camera :) Good condition, no hinge crack, no top-cover crack, both hinge caps in place, screen is fine, DC port charges fine, only a little sticker residue, and tiny bit of white paint (easily removed) above the serial port, as if...
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    Unixware 1.1

    Wanted to stroll down memory lane, and found my Novell/Univel UnixWare 1.1 CD from WAAAAY back when. However, no boot install floppies. Anyone got the install/boot disks for UnixWare 1.1? I'd appreciate disk images if anyone has them. T
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    HP Palmtop 1000CX

    (2) units available, first come first served. These are 2MB EURO/ENGLISH units. Usable here, just happen to have the GBP simple and such, but QWERTY english kb. hinges. One has a slight crack on the top cover near the hinge, but the hinge is super-tight :) crack is maybe 10-15mm long, not a...