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  1. SomeGuy

    ChatGPT gotcha - it gave me a straight wrong answer!

    We've got its great granddaddy over here: https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/12953/software-spotlight-babble
  2. SomeGuy

    Obnoxious eBay "please use our app!" popover

    So lately, when I have been browsing eBeh, I have been seeing this obnoxious popover. Normally, when I see a popover like this, I just close the entire page, because obviously they don't actually want me reading their content, they just want to litter up google search results instead. At...
  3. SomeGuy

    Davong Hard Disk Controller

    What appears to be one of those power supplies is on eBeh right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/315140751646 Not convinced that would help my card since it never seemd to do anything at all. Never could find a manual either.
  4. SomeGuy

    I have become obsessed with vintage printers.

    Personally, I feel printers are underrated. I'd love to get a wide format dot matrix printer, the sort of thing that would print bulky financial reports on green bar paper. For the longest time, printers were an essential part of a personal computer system. You would type up your report on...
  5. SomeGuy

    Best system and software for testing and wiping 40MB - 3.2GB old hard disks?

    For SCSI drives, I use an Adaptec AHA-2940U PCI card that has a "low-level" format option in the BIOS. This wipes the drive and forces any bad sectors to re-map. Then, after DOS formatting I use Norton Disk Test to verify operation. Card works well with Linux, using "dd" to save or restore drive...
  6. SomeGuy

    Display Telecommunications Corporation "Megaboard".

    Wow, thanks for digging up all of this information. This is exactly why I like going through these vintage systems - finding interesting unsung bits of history.
  7. SomeGuy

    Can I get UMB for my XT with this setup?

    Just in case you had not seen it, there is also the Monotech MicroRAM, that can be set to map memory in to the UMB area. It is based out of New Zealand. (I don't know if that is any better than the US for this) https://monotech.fwscart.com/product/microram---640k---umb-ram---8-bit-isa
  8. SomeGuy

    Honeywell branded Columbia Data Products 1600

    I didn't see this request when it was posted, but here are the ROMs from the Xebec ISA hard disk controller. Thought I had posted them, but I guess I had not. It has two ROMs, one is the BIOS and the other is firmware for the controller. The card is very similar to the first revision IBM Xebec...
  9. SomeGuy

    Later revision Columbia Data Products 1600 Motherboard

    So, I decided acquire this Columbia Data Products motherboard off of eBay. It is interesting because it appears to be a significant redesign of the original CDP 1600 motherboard. A few specific things of note: This has a slightly later BIOS than the other boards I have seen so far. It...
  10. SomeGuy

    Display Telecommunications Corporation "Megaboard".

    If there is any chance you could dump the content of the BIOS, that would be very appreciated. I'd be interested in seeing the documentation, but I realize it can be a lot of work to scan. Is this in a bound manual or loose pages? Does it have fold-out? If it is only has loose pages, a...
  11. SomeGuy

    Powering up a computer the proper way after long term storage

    In general, I think these days it is a good idea to do some basic research on any specific item to see if there are any general known issues that one should be careful about. For example, some bad c64 power supplies can fry the entire machine. Also, a few cheap built-in power supplies can be...
  12. SomeGuy

    OEMs & clones on eBay (continuous listings)

    Corona Data Systems Luggable https://www.ebay.com/itm/335180410751?nordt=true No-name "3-6" Desktop AT clone 386sx https://www.ebay.com/itm/186220933380?nordt=true No-name desktop AT clone 386 https://www.ebay.com/itm/186220934619?nordt=true American Research XT clone, with Tallgrass tape...
  13. SomeGuy

    Windows 3.1 and TCP/IP over Ethernet

    When looking for a networking stack for Windows 3.x you have to ask the following questions: Do you need network connectivity in real-mode DOS? Do you specifically need the TCP/IP protocol? Do you need a Windows Sockets (winsock) layer? Do you need compatibility with 286 systems? Do you...
  14. SomeGuy

    Trying to get Space Quest III Pirates of Pestulon working on my Compaq Portable 1

    There is a DOS call that returns the version number. Most DOS programs only check that they are running under the MINIMUM compatible dos version. A program "designed for DOS 2.1", for example might halt with an error message if you try to run it under DOS 2.0. But such a program will usually...
  15. SomeGuy

    Trying to get Space Quest III Pirates of Pestulon working on my Compaq Portable 1

    Space quest 3 is fairly well behaved when it comes to hard drives. I can run it fine on Fat32. Where I would start: Is it properly configured for the system? On a standard Compaq Portable 1, that means it must be installed for CGA graphics and PC speaker sound. Incorrect settings might result...
  16. SomeGuy

    VTech 3.5" floppy drive compatiblity information

    I finally got up the nerve to open the case. As I suspected, it has three plastic latches on each side. So, after I removed the four screws that hold the drive assembly in place, and the two case screws underneath the back feet, I had to wiggle the top back and forth to the back with some...
  17. SomeGuy

    Doom8088: Doom on a 286 / 8088

    All we need now is someone to supercool and massively overclock a genuine 8088.
  18. SomeGuy

    Smelly Apple IIGS

    Any dust, debris, and residue in or on the system can hold and emit smells. When a system is on and starts to heat up, it releases more of the smells. It sounds like this machine may have stored someplace smelly and dirty, and whatever smells is everywhere. Keep in mind that some kinds of...
  19. SomeGuy

    AI articles on vintage computers...

    The same way idiots invent incorrect information. They make something up because they think it is right, then other idiots believe them and spread the incorrect information. And this is how we have religion. AIs are good at creating mis-information because they can calculate what best sounds...
  20. SomeGuy

    AI articles on vintage computers...

    Tell me why I would ever want to read something that was crapped out by an "AI". When I am searching for information, I am looking for original content with original experiences and original research. An "AI" can NEVER have that. At best, an AI is comparable to a bored college research...