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  1. ftcnet

    DECMate III Display Options

    Check out: DECmate OSSC info. Apparently it can be done, but I haven't done it (yet). Good luck with your DM-III. Is it floppy-only or came with a hard drive?
  2. ftcnet

    RL02 drive belt replacement

    .. or try Memory4Less - 'refurbished' RL02 drive belt at a better price
  3. ftcnet

    RL02 drive belt replacement

    12-13369 drive belt in stock at MCA (same part # for RL01). Price seems a bit high, maybe you can give them a tax-deductable receipt in exchange for a donation?
  4. ftcnet

    Information about M. Farris & Associates

    Looks like most of the content at mfarris.com has been captured by archive.org.
  5. ftcnet

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    It's usually an indication the part is selected for a particular attribute (ex: leakage current, fanout drive current, rise-time, etc..) ex: DEC part # 19-09972 can be DEC6314 or DEC6314A. Apparently the difference wasn't considered significant enough to warrent a new part number. But a...
  6. ftcnet

    Vintage quantum computer collecting?

    Yes, the cost of coolant and electricity would not likely be feasible for most hobbyists, but along the lines of PDP 11/70 or 11/45 front-panels that hang on den walls, they'd make great conversation pieces. I'm guessing most early QC's get canabalized for subsequent versions, but I hope any...
  7. ftcnet

    Vintage quantum computer collecting?

    Is it too early to consider 1st gen quantum computing devices as 'vintage' computers? They look great (like expensive chandeliers) and were literally as cool as can be. What happens to these early attempts at quantum computing? Do they get canabalized to make subsequent models? Do they end...
  8. ftcnet

    Mini-Omnibus backplane for debug and minimal system

    I think you'll prefer working with the ECS (DEC) connectors. The single-width ones are available from Todd Goodman for $10. ea. That price is OK for completing extender boards, but gets expensive when trying to populate a full H9194-style Omnibus. It'd be interesting to get a price for the...
  9. ftcnet

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    .. nice. It took a moment to recognise the DEC logo in the lower-right corner. Would that have been the inspiration for the DEC Logic Lab or a custom test setup?
  10. ftcnet

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    Sounds like a major project to re-create a valid PAL source for that diagnostic program. Yes, I'd suggest it might be worthwhile to have it hosted on Bitsavers as well as SoMuchStuff.
  11. ftcnet

    Hi from BC. I used to work for DEC Canada (mostly 12-bit & 18-bit support). Just a note to let...

    Hi from BC. I used to work for DEC Canada (mostly 12-bit & 18-bit support). Just a note to let you know I'd be interested in purchasing your TU60 drive if you ever want to sell it. I already have a TA8E controller, cables and cassettes plus a few TU60 spare parts. Let me know if you need a...
  12. ftcnet

    Problems booting PDP-11 through tu58 emulator

    I've used that method also. They 'look' OK, but I didn't have a good way of doing any functional tests on the salvaged chips. Have you been able to check if most of them are still usable? I found it slow going due to most of the IC's having power and ground pins crimped which kept them from...
  13. ftcnet

    Which PDP-11 parts to keep an eye out for?

    Always commendable to try to avoid having DEC systems end up at recyclers or scrap yards. It might be worth letting the right manager know you'd be interested in acquiring the PDP11's "when the time comes". Or print a note along the lines of "Do not scrap - contact tech58761" and tape it to...
  14. ftcnet

    OS/8 questions

    I'd guess there is some processing/sorting/formatting being done by DIRECT.SV that takes longer when there's more file names. What / options (if any) are you using? What's the maximum number of file names allowed on an OS/8 file system?
  15. ftcnet

    RK05 disk emulator development and discussion

    That's impressive. Please let us know when we can order.. parts, kit, partially assembled, complete unit? I have dozens of 16-sector disks that I'd like to archive onto different media.
  16. ftcnet

    Starting up a PDP 8/e

    That's a new one to me. The power supply does have over-voltage protection on the +5V in form of a SCR. Perhaps you're thinking of the the delayed assertion of PWR OK H ? That signal stays L until the DC voltages stabilize at their nominal values. The PWR OK H logic is relevant once you...
  17. ftcnet

    Serial PDP-8/e like computer?

    What do you envision for storage or I/O devices? Besides being able to execute the 8E instruction set, how much 8E hardware compatability are you thinking of? Would it be Omnibus compatible? Would it include EAE? A better/faster KK8A?
  18. ftcnet

    Paper Tape ID's

    Yes, there's a DECUS PDP8 program that will do that. Check on Vince's site or Al's Bitsavers.
  19. ftcnet

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    DEC seemed to have an ongoing challenge making reliable power supplies. It seems your 8/E does have the above ECO since it has a gray +5V fuse. Does this 8/E have two Omnibuses? with core memory? Are the MATE'N-LOK connectors showing any signs of discoloration on the +5V wires? Reworking with...
  20. ftcnet

    DEC units on ebay

    Not exactly eBay, but may be of interest to someone. Vintage NEW RK06 Memory Disk Packs Not giving investment advice, but he claims "..these would be very valuable to own and keep and will increase in value." :unsure: