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    Configuring an IDE CDROM in an AT&T Globalyst

    Hello, I was given an AT&T Globalyst Pentium 90 mHz PC. The original HD was dead and I replaced it with a DOM, also put in a 1.2 MB 5.25" drive. I have PC-DOS 7 and Windows 3.11 running well on this machine. I would like to get a CDROM drive added to it, I have a Sony 8x IDE CDROM drive. It...
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    A working HP-2116B Minicomputer

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a little bit of news on a project i have been working on with my friend Dave. It is his HP-2116B minicomputer. This was HP's second computer with the first being the 2116, a general purpouse computer although it was really aimed and sold as a device to interface...
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    Booting a Kaypro 2

    Hello, I have aquired a Kaypro 2 (what it says with the number not the Roman numeral II) When powering on it comes up to the "Insert Disk" prompt but the drive lite for drive A is not on although i can hear the drive spinning. I insert a CP/M boot disc and it and nothing happens. I did not...
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    Specilized uses of the PDP-11

    We all know about the popularity of the PDP-11 series for your normal run of the mill general business applications, you know program development, accounting and database use. But there where other specialized uses that you may have seen every day and not even realized it. One of these uses...
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    RCA Spectra 70 Series

    Hello, I was reading about the RCA Spectra 70 series of computers. They seem like rather neat boxes with interesting early usage of IC's at a time when Germanium transistors where the norm. Does anyone know of museums or collectors who have any of these systems? Does anyone have war stores...
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    Just got a Kaypro II

    Hello all, I have just acquired a Kaypro II for a good price, the reason the price was good is that there is no keyboard. Does anyone out there have a spare keyboard? Thanks, Matt
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    Got my 3b2/310 running

    I was finally able to get my AT&T 3b2/310 working reliably. It has 4 mb ram and the 72 mb CDC Wren HD. I am using my Mac IIfx as a terminal (Running ComIt). The reason I am using my IIfx is that it has a Sony PS400 19" display and an ADB extended II keyboard, so I get a nice sharp terminal...
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    Using an apple SCSI card in an IIGS

    I have an apple SCSI card that I want to use with my IIgs so I can run GS/OS 6. I hear they can be a bit temperamental to get running, whee there any specific requirements for drives to be used with the card? Thanks, Matt
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    WTB 4MB SIMMsfor Macintosh IIfx

    Hello all, I am looking to Purchase/trade for a set of 4 4MB SIMMS for the Macintosh IIfx. Thanks, Matt
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    AlphaServer 2100

    Hello All, I have a DEC AlphaServer that has been being used as a table/printer stand for about a year now... i would like to put it to useful work, there is no OS on the the hard drives. I know it should be able to run True64 UNIX or VMS. I would be open to running either OS on this system...
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    WTB 4MB Mac IIfx SIMMs

    Hello all, I am looking to Purchase/trade for a set of 4 4MB SIMMS for the Macintosh IIfx. Thanks, Matt
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    Help with an AT&T 55C terminal

    Hi all, I am refurbishing an AT&T 55C terminal for a friend and i ahve a couple of questions. How does one open the case for the "logic" section of the terminal, the Power supply/display section was easy to get open but the bottom part of this 2 part terminal I can not figure out how to get...
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    Alpha version ow Win NT

    Hi all, Does anyone have an Apha version of Windows NT? I have several Alphaserver 2100's and ann AlphaStation 225 and would like to try it on one of them. Also I would like to try Linux/UNIX/VMS does anyone have any pointers as to where to get Disc Images. Lastly, what type of Video card is...
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    Looking for a known good Seagate ST-225

    Hi all, I am in the process of getting my AT&T PC-6300 going, The original Olivetti 10 MB drive is dead. I was looking to replace it with a Seagate ST-225. I had bought an ST-225 off of eBay about a year ago, but never tested it because i did not have a controller card, well it is dead from a...
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    BIOS upgrade for AT&T PC-6300

    Hi all, I am trying to get my AT&T PC-6300 up and running, the original DTC HDD card is bad so i am trying to use a Seagate card and ST-225. I currently have ROM 1.21 in the box and would like to upgrade it to 1.43 so i can rum everything the box can. I do not have an EPROM programmer but do...
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    RAM expansion card weirdness in a ROM 3 IIgs

    Hi all, I have a ROM 3 IIgs and its exhibiting some oddness with both of the RAM expansion cards I have. Applied Engineering GS-RAM Ultra with 2 MB ram. Applied Engineering GS-RAM with 1 MB RAM. The odd thing is that in the ROM 3 IIgs they both ID as having the max complement of ram that...
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    Looking for Hard drive controller for AT&T PC-6300

    Hi all, It looks like I have a dead hard drive controller in my PC-6300, so here is what I am looking for. An 8 bit MFM controller, or 8 bit IDE controller, or a working Hard card (if those are bootable). If I am thinking correctly i can use one of the Seagate 8 bit MFM controllers with the...
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    Problems with a Verdin Singing tower

    OK, This is not strictly a PC, but... At my church there is a Verdin Singing tower electronic carillon system form 2000. The other day we had a storm roll through, after that it has not worked properly, it will not go past the "Initialing please wait" on the main LCD. Here is how the system...
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    Looking for System V UNIX discs for AT&T 3B2/310

    Hi all, It looks like my 3B2 has mad a mess of its system software, I get various file missing errors when booting. I am looking for either a copy to buy or someone who can make me a copy of the System software discs, also I know AT&T made software for this box, it would be cool to get some of...
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    Schematic or parts list needed for HP-9825B KDP board

    Hi all, I am looking to get my HP 9825B back into the land of the living. I have narrowed the problem down to the KDP board and a transistor on the board, it does not have a standard transistor number it is 4-071 011, It is on the board near the print density control. There are also some caps...