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  1. jackrubin

    Ultimate PDP-8 ideas thread

    Haven't been in touch for a couple months, but he's fine as far as I know. He built a couple of the IO boards a few years back (for himself and Lyle) but didn't like the layout and wanted to respin it before releasing. A few years later ... Bob's collection went to Florida and he's getting...
  2. jackrubin

    Ultimate PDP-8 ideas thread

    I don't think the 8EIO card ever went beyond a couple hand-assembled prototypes.
  3. jackrubin

    PDP-8/I at the RICM

    We were able to substitute an off-the-shelf automotive alternator diode for a failed DM2 on the CMA 8/I until we could get the correct part. Doesn't help with connector/wiring harness losses but at least addresses the diode issue. DEC didn't seem to provide too much of a safety margin on some of...
  4. jackrubin

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    Seems like DEC under-rated the fuse holder here - 5V output is rated at 20A but F200 in the power supply circuit is 25A. Even the replacement fuse holder is only rated at 20A, so no margin. You can also get a 30A fuse holder in the same series (but black, not gray). If you're spending the money...
  5. jackrubin

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    The gray fuseholder was actually an ECO to replace the original part, which was failing because of overloading. Someone a bit more obsessive can go back and dig out the actual part numbers and upgrade order.
  6. jackrubin

    Ultimate PDP-8 ideas thread

    I'd like to see a simple, in-line module that would plug in to an RK05 drive at the index sensor and allow swapping 12 and 16 sector disk packs transparently. Run either style pack on PDP-8 or PDP-11.
  7. jackrubin

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    Thanks to Vince, Doug and Malcolm! See y'all in Elmhurst.
  8. jackrubin

    PDP-9 at the RICM

    Interesting looking backplane wiring with the hooks and diagonal runs.
  9. jackrubin

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    That's pretty exciting news! Looking forward to the next chapter in Michigan.
  10. jackrubin

    SCSI2SD question

    Yeah, I ordered one for a Mac/SE, but don't tell anyone --
  11. jackrubin

    Looking for OMSI Focal Manual, UW Focal (UFW) binary or source

    Thanks - happy to say that the scribe of that ancient missive is still alive and well. Sometime between 2015 and the present, I obtained an original OMSI manual which I suppose I should scan if it doesn't exist elsewhere. I also spoke briefly with Bill Cattey at the recent VCF-East about the...
  12. jackrubin

    PDP-8/L Front Panel

    Ya - we do it besser?
  13. jackrubin

    PDP-8/L Front Panel

    @ Tarkus01 - found this if you're still looking - not quite sure how to flip the image, but you get the idea.
  14. jackrubin

    M8189 bootstrap error LED's D1 and D4 on

    @cmao - I'll send you an M9047 for the cost of postage - PM me with address info if interested. You've put enough sweat equity into this venture to have earned it!
  15. jackrubin

    PDP8 KV graphics PCB design

    KV8I joystick:
  16. jackrubin

    Build your own PDP 8I, Part 4..

    I have an extra set of boards. I'm sending you a DM. Jack
  17. jackrubin

    MM8I Replacement

    Very nice!
  18. jackrubin

    8 inch floppies

    Unlikely any were hard sectored since they were all from the same source, but if it turns out that they are, please hang on to them for me, I can use them! Thanks, Jack
  19. jackrubin

    PDP-12 at the RICM

    "It should be relatively easy ... "
  20. jackrubin

    DEC units on ebay

    yep - down to my last two storage lockers :>)