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    Western Europe Toshiba T5200/100 for sale (does not boot) : $50 + shipping

    Too bad you weren’t in the us! Your right shipping would be a killer.
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    Mid Atlantic Disk imaging service needed

    All of the 5 1/4 drives I have are 360k ds/dd and all but one work fine so I’m good there. I will be searching for an extra to throw in my windows 98 desktop. I’m in pa but thanks for the offer!
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    Mid Atlantic Disk imaging service needed

    I have boot disks and the ms dos utilities diska and made copies of them. I think I have 4 or five new 5 1/4 left. I would like several programs like imd and laplink until I get the compact flash cards. I’m fairly new to the forum so I don’t know if I ha private message privileges yet.
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    Mid Atlantic Disk imaging service needed

    Thanks for all the replies! Yes the ibm has a serial port and I have a machine setup with lap link and I’ve used it on others to transfer files to hard drives. I’ve never done it with a dual floppy system. Secondly I will be getting compact flash for my 5150 and kaypro 16. I’m also on the hunt...
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    Mid Atlantic Disk imaging service needed

    Hello all I recently picked up some kaypros and an ibm 5150 recently and just started playing with 5 1/4 disks. None of my machines have hard drives (yet). I need a 360k 5 1/4 floppy created with the imd disk utilities by Dave dunfeild on it for my ibm 5150. I can send you a brand new formatted...
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    Mid Atlantic WTB ds/dd 360k drive 5 1/4”

    Hey everyone I’m looking for a 360k 5 1/4 drive to help make and transfer files for my older systems. This would be installed in a pentium 1 machine running windows 98 se and or dos 6.22. Half height preferred.
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    Mid Atlantic WTB western digital wd1002-05 for kaypro

    I have the later 2x and all I have to do is add the header and a couple of ic’s. I was also going to add an advent turbo rom and see if I can get a compact flash to work in it. I do have an old Miniscribe mfm drive as well. Can’t hurt to try.
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    Mid Atlantic WTB western digital wd1002-05 for kaypro

    Hello all I’m looking for a western digital wd10002-05 hard disk controller board for my kaypro 2x. They mount to the top of the drive cage and use a ribbon cable to plug into the mainboard. I use usps money orders. Thanks!
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    Kaypro 2x no horizontal or vertical sync

    Well this machine was stored improperly but at least I have a good start point. It came with a lot of the original kaypro branded master disks. Going to order more z80’s seeing as I have several pieces of equipment that run them now. I’ll give updates on this machine on this thread
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    Kaypro 2x no horizontal or vertical sync

    Well I remembered that I have a pk-232 modem used for ham radio applications and it has a z80 in it so I swapped them and we have activity! The cpu was dead!
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    Kaypro 2x no horizontal or vertical sync

    That’s what I was going to do next Is Che the the processor. I have signals at the the clock crystals themselves. Well I’m slowly working my way back
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    Kaypro 2x no horizontal or vertical sync

    Hello all I picked up some Kaypro equipment recently and I’m currently working on a 2x. The issue I’m having is no display. I started looking at the crt board and found no high voltage checked all the transistors and caps on the board along with the traces and everything looked good I replaced...
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    Kaypro 16 character issues

    Thanks Larry pulled the chips and reseated them, I also checked for any shorted caps. Looks like the video ram issue is well known problem with the xt’s and clones. The manual calls for 6665ab15 ram chips on the cga card. I see a lot of 6665bp20 chips marketed for the older systems. Kaypro calls...
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    Kaypro 16 character issues

    Hello all recently picked up some kaypros and started working on a model 16 which is a 8088 pc compatible unit. The main issue I’m having is it’s displaying a bunch of “garbage” characters on the screen. I’ve already started to reseat all the ic chips. Wondering if there might be a bad tantalum...
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    Mid Atlantic Selling off most of my collection | New York, NY

    Interested in the 5150. Where are you moving to? I’m in south central pa.
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    Mid Atlantic Selling Everything! IBM Machines, Monitors, Software | Brooklyn

    Wish I was closer! I’m 500 miles away in south central pa. Would love to get an xt machine or a close clone. Already have a ps/2 model 55sx. Still need a monitor
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    Grid 1550 screen replacement

    Hello all I’m looking at a grid 1550 with a dim screen and was wondering if there was a replacement for the screen or should I hold off and keep looking for a gas plasma 1520 or 1530 which is what I really want. Also could a backlight be installed to help or are these a don’t buy if the screen...
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    New to me ps/2 model 25

    Yup that’s the plan going forward!
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    Mid Atlantic Wanted ibm ps/2 30 286 motherboard and riser

    Hello everyone as the title says I’m looking for a ibm ps/2 model 30 286 motherboard and riser card for a project I want to try. Let me know what you have. Shipping would be to Pennsylvania