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  1. BitWiz

    Looking for dec-08-aj4e-pb

    I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. BitWiz

    Looking for dec-08-aj4e-pb

    Vince, I also found three copies of that file on my clone of your website. They are all different sizes: 143 bytes 144 bytes 150 bytes I have attached all three to this message. The directory path is : SoMuchStuff\trunk\pdp8\shadb\src\dec\dec-08-aj4\ I hope this helps. Mike
  3. BitWiz

    Looking for dec-08-aj4e-pb

    Vince, I have DEC-08-AJ1E-PB as an actual paper tape. I have three of them, if you would like one, please let me know i can send it to you. Mike
  4. BitWiz

    Keyboard-less VT10x terminals

    The RP2040 is a dual core 133MHz Coretex M0+, 264K of RAM with 8 separate PIO processors for under a dollar in small quantities. You could use the 1 PIO processor to handle the Terminal keyboard signaling and one to handle the PS/2 signaling and the CPU to do all sorts of translations and...
  5. BitWiz

    Pm me for my address. Unless you are going to be in the Chicago area or near by and we can meet...

    Pm me for my address. Unless you are going to be in the Chicago area or near by and we can meet somewhere in between.
  6. BitWiz

    Plessey PM-837 (Omnibus card)

    Have you tried running the extended memory maindecs on it? The following is copied from https://www.bernhard-baehr.de/pdp8e/MAINDECs.html KM8-E Memory Extension MAINDEC-8E-D1BB-PB KM8-E 4K Extended Memory Checkerboard (Binary) MAINDEC-8E-D1BB-D KM8-E 4K Extended Memory Checkerboard...
  7. BitWiz

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    The front panel doesn't always perfectly line up even with original front panel and front panel board.
  8. BitWiz

    RK05 disk emulator development and discussion

    Rather than some kind of hash, why don't you use something like a CRC or an MD5. That way it can be used for both identification and validation.
  9. BitWiz

    H758-a Schematic

    Thank you for your detailed circuit description. Once I clean the circuit board I will take some measurements and update this thread.
  10. BitWiz

    H758-a Schematic

    The +15 and -15 work but their power transistors get hot. The +5 does not work but I do see +10 output from the bridge rectifier. Any suggestions?
  11. BitWiz

    H758-a Schematic

    Thank you both.
  12. BitWiz

    H758-a Schematic

    I have just acquired a DEC H758-a power supply. The plus and minus 15VDC supplies seem to be fine but the +5VDC supply is not working (0.2VDC). Does anyone have a schematic of this supply? I couldn't find it with a google search. Also, what is the best way to clean it. The inside is filthy...
  13. BitWiz

    RK05 disk emulator

    Full schematics are available for the Plessey RK05 controller as well. I can forward them to anyone interested. I have two sets of the boards and neither one is working right now. One set passes the drive less test but fails the read/write test and the other one fails the Drive Less test...
  14. BitWiz

    Me and my pdp-8/L

    Welcome to the insanity of owning and maintaining 1960's and 1970's Vintage computers.
  15. BitWiz

    What did I do to my PDP-8 today.

    Most 3D printers with special (read harder material) extruder nozzles can print filament infused with carbon fiber. I have seen PLA, PETG, ABS and ASA filament with carbon fiber in it. Many companies sell hardened or ruby nozzles. That might be as strong as pure carbon fiber but I don't think...
  16. BitWiz

    Serial PDP-8/e like computer?

    I recommend the following two books on digital design. They both feature building a PDP-8 computer from logic. The Art of Digital Design - An Introduction to Top-Down Design - Franklin P. Prosser & David E. Winkel (ISBN 0-13-046780-4) The PDP-8 Class Project or Resoling An Old Machine - Tom...
  17. BitWiz

    Looking for help copying RT-11 V5 and XXDP+ to RX01 8" floppies

    I am a PDP-8 guy and I got my images from the RX02 emulator and I created the rest myself from Serial Disk mounted RK05 Images and my RX02 on my PDP-8. I have used the grease weazle to create bootable RX01 and RX02 diskettes from images. RX02 omages are 512,512 bytes and RX01 images are...
  18. BitWiz

    PDP-8 OS handlers

    Yes, I have an M847 with the RX02 boot on it.