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    IBM Model-F space bar

    I was able to disassemble the keyboard, but have inserted tiny holes, one on each of the pillars for the metal rods Thank You
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    IBM Model-F space bar

    Greetings, I do observe and search, however I have an odd one. An IBM Model-F keyboard, the space bar came detached, and will not re-attach properly but to the metal bars coming free from the keycap slots. Is there any way to re-attach this without disassembling the keyboard? The keyboard is...
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    Model F keyboard to Model M Keyboard

    Good find, Bigger questions are... Does the firmware allow you to use the keyboard for power on? And Does the USB port supply enough power to run an IBM Model F?
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    Xebec and ST-506

    I'd like to be able to do it without modding a thing if possible as I don't have the tooling to do so. Is there any way to coax the stock Xebec do it, or no go?
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    IBM ps/2 model 50

    It's probably time to let that drive rest in silicon heaven. It sounds like something is damaged, if the platters were dirty it is possible that while the heads didn't crash they could have gotten scratched somehow?
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    Xebec and ST-506

    Greetings. I have come across a few NOS ST-506 drives, and got one to work in on of my 5160s on a WD controller. I would like to make one work in my 5150 on a Xebec controller. I've searched the forums, however my search-fu is definetly not black-belt, more like just walked into the dojo...
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    Acculogic SIde 1-16

    8-bit XT card that functions like XT-IDE, but from 1992. Works well 2 questions Can I swap its onboard bios chip for one that contains the XT-IDE rom? It's got a 4-pin moles male connector, but what is it supposed to do? I get power, but it for power to the card from the psu, or to power a...
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    IBM 5160 64-256kb mainboard

    Greetings, The project i have been working on is making some progress except i am at another empasse with parts I have gotten a Headland 256kb 16-bit VGA, the Headlands work nicely in 8-bit slots, the guy on ebay i purchased it from did not know that, i got a really good deal. My needs for...
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    IBM 5150 / 5160 half height mount bracket + Other

    I am now searching for the half height mount bracket for the IBM PC / XT. Also Either an EGA monitor, or a multimode monitor *No i am NOT paying the EBay tax for this..* *EGA Mono is rather... disappointing**
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    8-Bit HD Floppy controller

    Got one for my XT build I had forgotten how slow they were when handling HD disks. Why is this? What kind of trickery do they employ to read the HD floppies? It appears to access the drive with twice the time as when bolted to a 16-bit controller. Is the card slowing the drive down to half...
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    2m-Xbios freezing during boot

    Before i go ahead, i know this has been brought up before, however i may not be searching properly. Question: My 5160 is rejecting 2M-XBios.exe a:1 b:4 /13, on each boot It loads the driver, then hangs, cursor blinking in all its glory *only thing on screen* I have swapped out each board - to...
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    3.5" floppy in 5160 question

    Just got 4 3.5" floppy drives and a Silicon Valley Computers IDE card circa 1987, things got a very small chip count. But my question is this 2 of the drives A Teac 235hf A Sony MPF420-1 Both have jumpers on them that appear to control how the drive figures out what high density is, either...
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    3.5" floppy in 5160

    720kb drive wants to format to 360kb all the time. Will read 720kb fine, but will only format to 720 through driver.sys. How do I rectify this? Also, 1.44mb media formatted to 720kb returns data errors constantly. Is there a difference in media recording surfaces and magnetic output of the...
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    New haul.. And a couple questions

    This weekend, i went down to Hillsboro from Seattle and got some things. 1-IBM 5160 1-IBM 5150 1-IBM 5151 3-Boxes of books The 5160 had the following Half height Teac FD55-BV 360k Seagate ST-412 2x memory cards - An IBM 64-256kb memory expansion with 256kb on it, and an Everex EV 183 with...
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    Multitech MGA adapter

    New beastie came in the post today A full length Multitech MGA/CGA/EGA adapter - At least that is what the description The model is a Multitech PB85005-2A Has 8 16kb chips on board - so 64kb, and a rom. . I'm wondering if this thing is Hercules capable, but can't find squat on it at all. What...
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    Been a while - But here i am

    I have been away a while, and am back, catching up I was forced to get rid of my collection about 3 years ago, and have been going through rough patches here and there I apologize for not replying to messages and my general disappearance. I've recently acquired an IBM 5150 64-256kb system...
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    Power supply issues

    Recently *two days ago*, my 1 kilowatt power supply finally bought the farm, and getting into it, all the caps were bulged, and it looks like one of the line filters was shot *all black with melted plastic and the one next to it was stock yellow*. I was clued to this simply because it stopped...
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    PS/3 Waste of humanity.

    Especially using an old compaq portable for this. What a waste.
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    Compaq Armada 1750

    I just recently got this beast from my dad, with the intent of using it as an intermediary laptop, to run old software and some older games, and as a terminal, since my HP ZE5155 had an unfortunate accident. The laptop has 192mb of ram with a 6.4gb hdd, on a p2 333, all bolted to a 440bx...
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    Starting a new hoard

    I have decided, after seeing the prices in both the VCF Marketplace and EBay, to attempt to start my own hoard again. I originally had a decent sized one, with quite a few rare and hard to get odds and ends, but ended up having to downsize at certain times, when i was also compelled to scale...