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    Compaq Portable II PSU - Details of R21

    Thanks - Will go shopping later today and replace them both. Fingers crossed :-)
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    Compaq Portable II PSU - Details of R21

    Hi All, Recently I bought a Compaq Portable II at auction. Upon powering it up I got the usual bad smell (no pop - so must have failed previously) and upon opening I found that both C13 and R21 had left
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    PDP in Melbourne (Australia) on eBay

    Someone (trust me - not me - If I could buy it I would) is listing what they suggest is a PDP11/44 on www.ebay.com.au. Helpfully described as 'COMPUTER MAINFRAME - GOLD CONTACTS' it looks like a CPU module (lots of cards) and some disk drives. It's listed as several items, and has mltiple...