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  1. MicroCoreLabs

    California Intel iPDS portable CP/M-80 computer - ICE and EPROM programmer

    I meant to type 8085. I have two heads for 8051 and one for 8085. Plus the to EPROM programming heads. Computer is quite heavy and the books are even heavier. Im not saying shipping is out of the question, but it would be an heavy and expensive affair...
  2. MicroCoreLabs

    California Intel iPDS portable CP/M-80 computer - ICE and EPROM programmer

    I've got an Intel iPDS portable CP/M computer. It's main purpose is to be an ICE for the 8051 and 8085 and also an EPROM/microcontroller programmer, but it also operates very nicely as a CP/M computer. There are two 8085 CPUs installed, each running with 64K of DRAM and 2K of ROM. Both disk...
  3. MicroCoreLabs

    IBM XT Clone Memory Question

    If you connected Pin-1(Address_8) to pin-16(GND) then it would probably be reliable.
  4. MicroCoreLabs

    EPROM programming

    For single-EPROM use, another option is that you could build one of these: https://microcorelabs.wordpress.com/2021/03/20/eprom-emulator/
  5. MicroCoreLabs

    British Columbia Acer Aspire One netbook FREE

    How much to ship to 94566?
  6. MicroCoreLabs

    Ontario Nabu $300

    I can thank Adrian Black for introducing me to the machine and I bought one moments after the video came out. I developed a few projects including replacing the CPU with my MCLZ8 and the EPROM with my emulator. It provided me the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people including Leo...
  7. MicroCoreLabs

    Ontario Nabu $300

    I bought it to perform a few stunts with my Z80 drop-in emulator like this: Hackaday Turbo NABU
  8. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    Glad to be back up and running.
  9. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    LOL! I love it :) I checked out your link.. jumped to the last page. Read backwards to the point where C205 was a suspicious cap, measured mine.. and found that my C205 was indeed shorted! All I did was snip one leg and the colors came back. I will replace it shortly... Was fixed...
  10. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    Oops.. I was wondering why it got worse when I clipped off the metal shield... Fixed
  11. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    Is the "Color Display" schematic in the IBM PCjr Technical Reference for the IBM PCjr Color display, or is it for the IBM 5153?
  12. MicroCoreLabs

    Ontario Nabu $300

    I just sold my boxed Nabu for $80. Maybe I should have asked for more... :)
  13. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    No bent pins on the connector, and the output looks fine coming out of the PCjr composite port. The issue must be in the display.
  14. MicroCoreLabs

    PCjr Display missing colors

    Just took this display out of storage and it appears to be missing some colors - blue is the most obvious one! The display does not respond to either the brightness or contrast controls. I left it running for a while to see if the caps would heal or get worse, but the image stays the same...
  15. MicroCoreLabs

    Looking for someone to repair PC 64K-256K

    The BYTE Shop couldn't help or wouldn't help?
  16. MicroCoreLabs

    California IBM PC XT 5160 and Hard Card

    Selling an IBM PC XT 5160 plus a rare functional Hard Card and VGA! Has 256KB of RAM, 5.25" and 3.5" diskette drives and a parallel card. I installed a VGA card so you can use the machine with any modern LCD display. The case is in okay shape but not mint, but the biggest feature is the...
  17. MicroCoreLabs

    California A few items for sale

    eBay reseller took it all this evening.