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    Western Europe IBM 3178 Keyboard wanted

    Are here people who have one to sell for a reasonable amount of money or trade ? TIA
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    MicroVAX Drive list

    Here is a larger, more in detail version from the hoffmanlabs archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20151122033453/http://labs.hoffmanlabs.com/node/204
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    PDP-11 Diode ROM

    Do you have PCBs available - or are there plans for a batch ?
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    SMS11X PDP11

    Hallo Peter, dies ist ein englischsprachiges Forum, nicht jeder Texaner spricht Deutsch (und möchte G translate nutzen)... pls write in english :-)
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    Western Europe [WORLDWIDE] Wollongong Pathway Software wanted

    Hello folks, while getting through some paperwork i found some paks. So it would be cool for historical reasons to get this old software up and running again on a VAX system. But so far i found nothing software wise. Has anything survived (not only for VAX systems) ? Bitsavers has nothing...
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    You know what seems to be extra rare? Pentium II and III Xeons.

    Years ago i got one of those HP NetServer LH6000 ??? -- A hex XeonIII 650? Maxed out with 12 HDs and 8 Gig of RAM. I installed Linux and did some Kernel compiling and benchmarking with the drives. That was fun.
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    Western Europe WTB: “mini” computer - 70s/80s

    Ah, yes - this is BA430/440 Style 4000/300 or higher... And yes, it fits under the counter :-)
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    Western Europe WTB: “mini” computer - 70s/80s

    So you need an amphibious car... :-)
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    MicroVAX Drive list

    YW. When you are new to DEC related hardware it maybe a steep learning curve, but there are tons of documentation available. Bitsavers is your friend f.e.
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    MicroVAX Drive list

    sho dev d btw -- welcome - and have fun ! You can always type help - or help show f.e.
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    RL01/02 Disk Pack with "Red Light" after too much force

    Hello folks, are there experiences with packs who were "moved" with too much force and half of the red warning sign, or the full red warning sign are warning ? If one would insert those packs into a drive, how are chances that heads are damaged ? Has this been tested by someone ? I have a few...
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    Northern Europe WTB: IBM PS/2 Display Adapter (VGA) 75X9017XM

    I have a few ps/2s i can take a look, but this will take some time ( a few weeks ).
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    Northern Europe WTB: IBM 7043-150 (RS/6000) power supply

    It should be there, tomorrow or saturday i am able to tell you if it is the right system; i have more time then to look after it :-)
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    Anybody have info on a Transitional Technologies Qbus SCSI card?

    I have a few of those TTI cards, with normal handles for BA23/123. They are tape only. There should be threads searchable in this forum, or cctalk, or comp.os.vms Questions like this pop up every few years. If memory serves me right, i have some kind of advertising paper "somewhere" lying...
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    Is there any way to look up DEC internal part numbers of the format ##-#####-##?

    The "##-#####-##" format part numbers are common in the DEC world. Normally every item should have one. I once saw some kind of "bible" where at least during the PDP-11 days everything was listed. For myself, i always found information needed with a classic google search...
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    Western Europe WTB: “mini” computer - 70s/80s

    Hello, there are PDP-11 or Data Gerenal systems with or without blinkenlights panel. Which ones do you want ?
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    Northern Europe WTB: IBM 7043-150 (RS/6000) power supply

    Hmmm, so this is an 43p ? I can take a look what i have, eventually i am able to help you.
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    Who is still running a VAX/780?

    👍 Hmmm, you are downsizing... Do you also want to sell/trade parts or systems ? - And if yes what do you have ?
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    Western Europe EU: Tru64 Unix / Digital Unix and OSF/1 documentation wanted.

    Who has some of that docs one once could buy and wants to get rid of it ? VMS documentation is way more available, but there still also must be some Unix documentation to rescue... Yes, i know there is also the online CD docs, but i'd like to have "the real thing" if possible... TIA