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    AST 386SX Utilities Disk 910401-033

    You're welcome. I used to have this in my autoexec.bat file: REM switch to external display mode, enforce VGA, etc., and set high speed \ast\astivga vga crt color 16bit>nul \ast\speed high>nul I also set Turbo mode on in the BIOS, and the option to disable the lid switch so I could leave the...
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    AST 386SX Utilities Disk 910401-033

    I had a couple of those laptops. Really liked them. Replaced the hard drives with CF adapters, used them as silent desktops with a VGA monitor attached. The graphics chip can do good CGA, Hercules emulation, etc. I got the drivers from here...
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    Typewriters that acted as printers

    Here's a screenshot from the video instead.
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    Typewriters that acted as printers

    I have a Juki Sierra 3200 which is based on the Olivetti Praxis 35 engine. Around 1987 I think. Works perfectly as a typewriter and also as a printer, but it is excruciatingly slow (think several minutes per page). I rather like it and use it for simple letters. Currently it's connected to a...
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    Northern Europe Amber monochrome Hercules/MDA monitor (Berlin, Germany)

    Thanks. It would also be the wrong voltage, unfortunately (220-240V in Europe), but I'm sure someone will take it off your hands.
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    Northern Europe Amber monochrome Hercules/MDA monitor (Berlin, Germany)

    Looking for a really good Hercules/MDA monitor with amber phosphor, no burn-in and a good, stable picture. Willing to pay well. I'm in Berlin but shipping from elsewhere is OK as long as the monitor is very well packed.
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    Orchid Ramquet XT/AT

    You're welcome. It's always frustrating to have hardware with no software. Those notes are a little out of date, though, as I did much of my testing on a Commodore PC that turned out to have other issues and didn't work too well with the Orchid card. Below are my later notes which should be more...
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    Free: 9-inch white phosphor monochrome VGA monitor (Germany)

    See thread here for details. Blown chip on the circuit board so it's not working now, but it was working fine before that. Tube is good, no apparent burn-in. Free, but buyer to pay shipping costs from Berlin, Germany. PM me.
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    1987 Panasonic KX-E700m video-typewriter / word-processor and monitor (Germany)

    I've owned this machine for a few years. It's a big old beast, very well constructed and is mostly working perfectly, with only one known issue. When I bought it there was about 20KB of text stored on it. It was previously owned by a church group and whoever used it knew its features inside...
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    Chip in monitor just exploded: identification please?

    9-inch monochrome VGA monitor, the sort that were sometimes used in POS systems. Working fine, no sign of instability, then a loud bang followed by smoke and no picture. I turned it off quickly, left it for a while, then dismantled it. I was looking for a blown capacitor of some kind, so it took...
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    WTB: Amstrad monochrome VGA monitor, as sold with PC 2086 and similar

    As title. I'm looking to buy a monochrome (black & white) VGA monitor as sold with the Amstrad PC compatibles range in the mid-late 1980s. I'm in Germany but can arrange shipping from the UK or elsewhere in Europe.
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    Monochrome VGA monitors: different types of phosphor

    I have three monochrome VGA monitors, all apparently 'white' but only one has white phosphor, as far as I can tell. The other two appear to be a composite of yellow and (possibly) blue. It's not easy to tell, except by moving one's eyes quickly while a high-contrast image is on the screen. The...
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    Germany: 2x Iomega Zip 100 parallel port drives with parallel cables, 1 power adapter

    As title. Two of these, both working (no click of death) with two parallel data cables but only one mains adapter (takes standard 'D'-shaped 3-pin kettle lead). PM me with offers. I'm in Berlin, Germany.
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    Germany: 2x 4MB 12-chip 72-pin SIMMs, gold contacts, total 8MB

    Tested and working. PM me with offers. I'm in Berlin, Germany.
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    Germany: 8x 256KB 9-chip 30-pin SIMMs, tin contacts, total 2MB

    Tested and working. PM me with offers. I'm in Berlin, Germany.
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    Germany: two working AT power supplies

    I have two of these, both tested and working. PM with offers and for more details. Berlin, Germany
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    Germany: Quantum ProDrive LPS 240MB IDE hard drive

    Hard drive in good working order and seems pretty fast. It has a 256KB onboard cache. Offers by PM, please. I'm in Berlin, Germany.
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    Germany: Future Domain 8-bit/16-bit SCSI card, floppy interface and 32MB Seagate HDD

    This is a 16-bit Future Domain SCSI card with boot BIOS ROM that works fine in an 8-bit slot. I've had it set up in an 8088 system, booting the 32MB Seagate ST-138N hard drive that's included in this sale. SCSI cable also included though not shown in the photos. This card has a floppy interface...
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    2x Olivetti M240 (AT&T 6300 WGS) for sale in Germany and the UK

    And photos of the German machine. Olivetti printer included for free if the buyer wants it, though I haven't tested it and there are some small plastic pieces that snapped off it in transit, from the cover, etc. Should be repairable with superglue.