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  1. K

    Best obscure mainframe OS?

    Thanks, Alex!
  2. K

    What to run on mainframes?

    Heh. CDC 1604 s/n 0001 was used by the navy for weather prediction and charting at the postgrad school.
  3. K

    What Mainframe and why?

    The LA-120 used to rawk. Wouldn't mind finding one.
  4. K

    What Mainframe and why?

    I read about that recently. I figured either PMTC or Vandenberg would be the final running production Cyber. I worked at PMTC a few miles Southeast from Vandenberg (Pt. Mugu is literally around the corner from Malibu, the literal corner). Cool that the non-migrated programs run under dtcyber.
  5. K

    What Mainframe and why?

    How so? So far as I have seen it is stable and mature. Try it again. Since I have yet to do actual changes (coming), I suggest Kevin Jordan's NCC branch at git on which mine is based. The full NOS 2.8.7 PSR 871 for the Cyber 170-865 is well done, includes a dream development system for the...
  6. K

    Pound for pound the best mainframe

    Actually into the 1990s for Cyber.
  7. K

    Best obscure mainframe OS?

    There was also NOS/SE (Secure Environment). This to my knowledge operated at only one site, USN PACMISTESTCEN (Pacific Missile Test Center, now NAWC, Point Mugu). In the Range Operations Building, "Cyber". It was derived from and replaced NOS/BE on the 170s. Not a TOP SECRET, but we were...