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    Most advanced BIOS that works on a IBM 5150 to support the cassette interface

    GLaBIOS (see glabios.org) has a 5150 version that claims to support the cassette interface.
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    Intel Aboveboard Plus 8, PC selection jumper / shunt

    I have an Intel Matched Memory Classic Memory Board installed in an IBM PC 5150. It uses the same PC selection plug as an Intel Aboveboard Plus 8 and I did not have the plug. I made 7 short jumper wires and inserted them in the socket pin 1 to pin 14, pin 2 to pin 13 ... pin 7 to pin 8. The...
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    Intel Inboard 386/PC available on eBay

    Intel Inboard 386/PC ISA Expansion card with manual and disk. Has a piggy back board with 1 Meg installed and empty sockets for another Meg. Also has an 80387 math chip.
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    Need help getting to 5150 to boot from sd card

    An IBM MFM harddisk controller should have the address C000 and there is no address conflict. Is the MFM drive bootable (can you boot without the Compact Flash)? The Compact Flash becomes drive D and the harddrive is drive C. Default behavior is to try to boot drive C. You can swap C and D by...
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    Windows 3.1 w/ Intel Inboard 386/PC - VxD Issue

    I have an idea about the VXD issue. I have an Intel Inboard 386/PC with a 2 Meg add on memory and an IBM 5150 to install it in but I have not done the install yet, I wanted to get networking working first. The Intel documentation for the Inboard version of Windows 3.0 mentions the case of...