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    Vintage Computers in movies and TV

    In this topic, Chuck(G) mentioned he recently saw a movie where a lady killer robot was controlled by an Atari ST. This got me thinking this might be better suited for a separate topic as I'm really interested in other sightings of the oldies. The original post by Chuck: On top of my tongue I...
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    Just got an Atari ST(F), any tips for a newb?

    Well, I "used" ST only over emulators. And I also worked a bit with it's PC relative PC GEM (and derivatives). So I know a bit how things work, but other than that, I'm a complete newb. Do you have any suggestion on recommended reading? Do you have any tips? What exactly is MINT? A POSIX...
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    A question on Acernote 370 (486sx, 4mb)

    Well. I just noticed I made a mistake in the model number. It's AcerNote 730. Most likely 730i variant. I found a reference to it in Google Books archive of ComputerWorld from 1994: I apologize for the mistake and hope the mods can correct the title. Thanx. Anyway, I couldn't find much about...
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    A question on Acernote 370 (486sx, 4mb)

    Thanx T-R-A. I took a few additional pictures where you can see it more clearer. Not the best quality. Taken in a hurry and with an almost empty battery. But, it will do for now.
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    A question on Acernote 370 (486sx, 4mb)

    Hi. I recently got an old Acernote 370 (486sx 4mb). It works but is not in too great condition: it lacks memory and hdd covers, a main battery, floppy doesn't work and CMOS battery died. I tested HDD on other laptop and it worked. But I can't set the settings because of CMOS battery. But...