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    New FLEX Facebook Group

    There is a new group for FLEX users, created by Roger Arrick. FLEX is an OS for 6800 and 6809 computers. facebook.com/groups/flexoperatingsystem/ Enjoy!
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    New SWTPC 6809 Game: Drelbs

    I added a development notes section to the games page. Hopefully that helps anyone else looking to program the 6809 with FLEX. In my first game I used Introl C which is a decent C Compiler Package that allows you to produce intermediate assembly code files that can be updated. This second game...
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    New SWTPC 6809 Game: Drelbs

    Earlier this year I decided to write a port of an arcade-style game called Drelbs from 1983 to the 6809. It's one of my all time favorite games that involves a little creature who has to form squares on a grid while running from the various guards. Once all possible squares are formed, you must...
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    Vintage Calculators (Friden EC-130, Curta, Odhner, etc.)

    Someone I know is selling her late husband's whole collection of mechanical calculators. Many old Fridens and 50s and 60s era stuff. There were just a few electronic ones like the Friden EC 130, which is an early serial and in very nice condition. Everything tested has worked fine. She would...
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    How do you backup files from 8" FLEX disks?

    I'd like to copy over some data from some old disks while they are still readable. What is the best or easiest method to do that? Right now I've been moving programs from modern computers to the FLEX disks by converting the them into S1 cassette code and transferring them as text files over a...
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    Microsoft Word versus a 40 year old Word Processor?

    I thought it would be fun to make a video on the history of word processors and to see if I could recreate a page from a book with all of the complex formatting options faster using old technology. Enjoy!
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    Otrona Attache Mega Haul

    So I was running an errand the other day and saw a nice, big green Estate Sale sign and thought, "Well maybe I'll just drop by on my way back home." It's been years since I went to an Estate Sale and my life has different priorities than in years past with a family now. So I venture in and an...
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    SWTPC 6800/6809 Video Review and History

    I put together a video on the history of this fantasic company. It was also a great excuse to show-off some of my rare collectibles, too. :cool:
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    Sending Files to a SWTPC 6809 using HyperTerminal

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to using terminal emulators, so forgive any silly questions. I am trying to send over some binary files to the 6809 using HyperTerminal from an old Windows XP machine I still own (thank goodness I still have it). It times out every time, regardless of the different...
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    Help identify this mini computer cabinet

    It is described as a 60s/70s computer cabinet. I am not sure if it is just a generic cabinet or one made for a specific type of computer as it has no label. Any ideas?
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    VCF West Carpool Options?

    Is anyone driving up from San Diego or Orange Country? I'd like to go and bring some larger computers. Let me know and maybe we can ride together. Thanks!
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    Gimix CPU Board Corrosion from NiCd

    I have a Gimix Ghost 6809 CPU board that appears to have some corrosion, presumably from the NiCd battery. It is clearer on the back of the board. I'm obviously going to have to desolder the battery. I just wanted to see what, if anything, can be done at this point? I haven't attempt to...
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    New SWTPC FLEX Game

    I picked up a working SWTPC 6809 S/09 awhile back and thought it would be cool to write something fun to play on it. I have always been a big fan of Cribbage and knowing the limitations of the system, I figured it would be a good choice. It was also a nice excuse to learn the system, since I...
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    SWTPC S/09 Questions

    I just so happen to have a DMF2, so I just need to hook up my 8" drive. I used to have some terminals, but I sold them awhile ago. If I want to hook up a serial connection to my laptop using an application like HyperTerminal, what are the wiring instructions for that sort of serial cable? Can...
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    SWTPC S/09 Questions

    I recently picked up this beauty. It appears to have a DC-4 Controller Card installed. Which drives support this? According to the documentation on Michael Holley's fantastic site, it was made for a 5.25" drive. Would the 8" drives made by SWTPC work, too? Also, the model number is "S00"...
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    Happy Birthday to the Apple II

    On June 10, 1977, the Apple II first went on sale. It was one of the first computers to come in a plastic case, have standard video support and produce hi-res and lo-res color graphics. The Apple II series stayed in production until 1993, selling at least 5 million units. Join me in wishing...
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    Apple IIGS Collection $40

    In Youngstown, Ohio. The seller is willing to go much lower than asking, like $40. https://youngstown.craigslist.org/sys/4983808334.html
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    How do you pronounce SWTPC?

    Is it "Swits", "Switpic" or did you just pronounce the letters?
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    PolyMorphic System 8813 up for sale

    There's one on eBay. (click here) How rare are these guys?
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    35 Years Ago Today, VisiCalc was Released

    According to Dan Bricklin, the first complete VisiCalc was packaged for shipment on October 19, 1979. Not quite midnight yet over here, but thought I'd share that IT news.