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    A place to find calculator enthusiasts on the web?

    Gang, Of late, I've gotten into collecting scientific calculators as I said. Now I need help with the software for a TI-59 (the instructions for it, specifically). Does anyone know of a place besides Yahoo groups where people who are into this flavor of collecting congregate? I found a Yahoo...
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    Gang, I was thinking it would be fun to encrypt and publicly post things like journal entries or fiction that I was writing. I got to thinking about using the mathematical functions and large arrays permitted by the implementations of BASIC I knew about (as it turned out, I had been looking at...
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    HP-8X series 5 1/4" disk cross-platform compatibility

    Gentlemen, I finally managed to come up with something mathematical I'd like to do using vintage computers. I'd love to do it on an HP-86, but it involves getting text from a word processor into the HP, manipulating it with BASIC, and then getting it back out again for use with a modern USB...
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    "The Sunday Morning Puzzle" on NPR

    Gang, Does anyone use one of their machines to solve "The Sunday Morning Puzzle" on NPR's "Morning Edition"? I think that would be so fun, and not cheating at all. Sean
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    [FA] (Not mine but it looks nice) HP-86 on eBay, item 191690842086

    Gang, The seller reduced the price on eBay item 191690842086, "Hewlett Packard HP 86" when it was relisted. It has the large monitor, a 5 1/4" floppy drive, a printer, and paper. Just the thing for a person who likes to do math a lot - you can save your programs (I think it takes disks that...
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    Sam's Photofacts for the IBM 5154

    Gang, It is for sale by Sam's here: https://www.samswebsite.com/en/photofact/details/index/id/72953 Sean
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    Does the HP-86 need a proprietary composite monitor?

    Gang, Someone is auctioning an HP-86 w/o the monitor. I am wondering if it is possible to use it with a Commodore 64 monitor or a TV, even though I am not going to buy it. Another general question, since the auction house told me the seller disposed of the monitor after he tested the machine...
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    Printed circuit board software?

    Gang, Is it still possible to obtain software for the C64 that allows you to draw a printed circuit board like on AutoCAD? It seems that you can get disks for the machine well enough, but never the manuals, and I would think this program wouldn't be one that you could figure out intuitively. Do...
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    Load high DOS into expanded memory

    Gang, That 5150 I posted about FA with the DOS 5.0 disks made me wonder if there is a way to load DOS high into expanded memory. They didn't have extended memory until the 80286 models, right? Thanks, Sean
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    [FOR AUCTION - not mine] IBM 5150 complete system except the printer ends 4/10

    Hi All, EBay item number 231523054220 is a complete 5150 system with a hard drive that is claimed to be in working condition. It comes with DOS 2.1, diagnostics, "Exploring the Personal Computer", and DOS version 5.0 - probably on 360K disks but it would be better to ask and make sure. As I...
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    Any ideas on how to find a computer to play Flight Simulator 2004 with?

    Gang, I'm having trouble, because I don't know much about computers, in finding something that I could use to play Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 with. I'm trying to upgrade to something with a 3-D video card and a fast processor. I've heard that FS9 ("2004 version") can't make use of a...
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    WTB: Ultimate computer for Flight Simulator 2004

    Gang, It seems to be slim pickin's for used desktops that can do a really good job of running FS9 from 2003. One thing I'd like to add (out of many things you can add to FS9 to make it better) comes from here: http://www.blueskyscenery.com/index.html I was hoping to be able to get a system...
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    [FA] (Not mine) TRS-80 Model 1 Computer Orchestra-85 Stereo Music Board

    eBay item number: 161457195393 Looks nifty. Anyone know how to remove a post in this forum after auction ends? Do I only have a certain amount of time to do it? Thanks, Sean
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    "Catch your children being good"

    Gang, I heard about a device that assists blind persons in navigation on BBC radio. Microsoft developed it and the story made it sound quite helpful when used with a guide dog and once the user has gotten used to it. I see that there is an article on the device online here...
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    [FA] IBM 5162 XT-286 on the place, ends Nov. 4th.

    Gang, Well, I tried to find the person who said he was looking for a PC XT-286 in his .sig, but I coudn't. So I'll just let everyone fight it out. There is a machine like this located in the USA state Pennsylvania, and the auction ends 11/04/2014 at 1700 CDT, that being 2200 Zulu. It appears...
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    Is there a version of Microsoft Works for XP that I don't have to register

    Gang, I need a spreadsheet that will run on a Windows XP machine but which doesn't require registration to keep working, or that can be registered. I see Works on the place, but after buying two versions of Office to find I couldn't register them, I thought the smart thing to do now is to ask...
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    What compact flash adaptor and card to use with XT-IDE?

    Gents, A question about how to get my XT-IDE card going: Are eBay items 110830845193 and 130733920207 the kind of thing you'd use for the XT-IDE cards that were sold on the VCFs years back? I'm finally getting around to setting a system up and want to try them out. Thanks, Sean
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    Flight Simulator 2004

    Boy I really like FS9. It's pretty realistic now (the last flight sim I used was MS FS 4.0 for the PC) and you can get add-ons for it for a song. I managed to get this joystick (still on the way), that resists your control inputs to make it feel like you are controlling a real airplane. At last...
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    Stuff that shouldn't go in the recycling bin

    Gang, I've been meaning to post this for a long time, but never seemed to have the chance. It has become painfully obvious that certain vintage computer items and related items are becoming unobtainium, and have been becoming so for years. I'm going to list the things that I can think of, and I...
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    HP-85 or HP-87, etc.: Has anyone seen programs for the HP-IP disk drive?

    Gang, Title says it in a nutshell. I'd love to hear if someone is actually using one of these machines, as they are fun to use, and what it's like. Thanks, Sean P.S.: No, I won't try to get you to sell yours to me if you answer :)