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    The IBM desktop that won't open.

    I've got an IBM 466DX2/T but I've been unable to get the case off. It looks as though it should slide towards the back but it's been impossible to get off. The previous owner try to drill into the case lock in the hopes of opening it but had no success. I've taken the case to a locksmith and he...
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    Win 95 era BIOS boot error

    I was under the impression that a Dallas clock chip has a self-contained battery and clock crystal all in one package. Since these chips are always soldered directly to the motherboard is necessary to completely unsolder the Dallas chip and attach a new one to effectively change the battery. I...
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    Win 95 era BIOS boot error

    Thanks for the reply, I wish this computer did use a coin cell battery because I've got a load of those sitting around. Sadly this uses a Dallas clock chip which is soldered to the motherboard. I'm aware that there are mods to attach a coin cell battery in its place but all this requires a lot...
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    Win 95 era BIOS boot error

    I've got an 1996 era desktop that I'd like to get up and running. It will POST but shows a CMOS battery low error and press f1 to resume. It has one of those pesky Dallas clock chips so I really hope that's not the issue because I really don't want to mess with changing it just yet. I've set the...