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    Mid Atlantic NCR 6091 Tape Driver Software & Update Tapes

    Thanks for the info! I did do a quick search, but apparently didn't dig quite far enough. Sounds like it's probably not anything particularly interesting then.
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    Mid Atlantic NCR 6091 Tape Driver Software & Update Tapes

    I picked these up two years ago when I was at Mendelson's in Dayton Ohio during their closeout sale. No idea what an NCR 6091 is, but sounds like a tape drive? Not sure if the software contained is useful to anyone or not? Assuming the tapes are still readable of course, which I have no way...
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    Need to Discharge Broken CRT?

    Thank you Joe, I appreciate the information.
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    Need to Discharge Broken CRT?

    I beg to differ...not wanting to get a serious shock from a CRT is a real concern. Now that I have confirmation that a broken tube can't hold a charge, no problem. Caps? If there's a big one that doesn't self-discharge, I would like to know that too. In my experience, seems like nearly all...
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    Need to Discharge Broken CRT?

    I certainly worry less about caps than the jolt I understand a tube can give you. Is there an official procedure for discharging?
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    Need to Discharge Broken CRT?

    I have a Mac SE FDHD whose CRT was broken prior to my acquiring it. Broken as in (from memory) the neck of the tube being broken...you can see specks on the front of the screen where it presumably imploded and something impacted it and damaged the phosphor coating. If you turn it on, it...
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    Affordable Shipping Options

    I found someone interested in an IBM 5394 unit I came across recently. They made me an offer on it, so I went to see about what it would cost to ship. It weighs 15Lbs and is 16x17x5", guessing 18Lbs and 22x25x11 for estimating shipping costs. I'm in VA, they are in NM. Cheapest option USPS...
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    IBM 5394-01A - Save?

    I suppose anything is possible. It has the floppy drive and a ROM chip. Probably beyond my abilities to do anything with it...other than re-purpose the floppy drive and possibly RAM chip. :-) Here's the circuit board:
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    IBM 5394-01A - Save?

    Dropped by the local recycling place yesterday to dispose of a couple of dead LCD monitors, and took a look at their pile of computers. They occasionally have something interesting, and will let you have it for $10. Well, I found this interesting beige IBM box with a floppy sticking out of the...
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    Vintage Odds & Ends, CDC & NCR

    Our family spent the last week in Ohio hanging out with family. Made a trip Monday to Dayton to check out Mendelson's, an amazing surplus place that is going out of business. Unfortunately, the part that was apparently the most amazing was their 3rd floor electronics department, and I was told...
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    Problem Dual Booting NT 3.1 and 3.51 (and maybe 4.0)

    Spent some quality time today playing with my "new" AT&T/NCR 3430. Tried installing NT Advanced Server 3.1 but ran into problems (bad disk image I acquired?) but got Workstation 3.1 working. After a bit of tinkering I installed NT WS 3.51 onto another partition. Got it running and updated...
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    Lots of Books

    I recently picked up a bunch of computer and related items from a Craigslist listing and ended up with a bunch of computer books, mostly dated 1995-2002 or so. My son and I went through and pulled out some that interested us, but there are still a lot that need a new home...like roughly 5 or 6...
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    NCR System V/386 4.0 Release 3.0

    I recently acquired a pair of very unique looking machines...AT&T 3430 servers. I can only assume these were produced around the time when AT&T and NCR merged or something (haven't researched that timeline and even wikipedia seemed a little vague) as they say AT&T on the front and "NCR an AT&T...
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    Photocopied Apple II Software Manuals - Free

    I ended up with three binders with manuals for various Apple II software packages, all photocopied from the originals. If anyone is interested, they are free for the cost of shipping. If no one wants them, they will get pitched. All but one I found online already, and the other I scanned...
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    Shipping AT Motherboard - No ESD Bag

    I have an original IBM AT motherboard I have arranged for a sale to another forum member. Found a box big enough but not too tall...but I don't have any ESD bags big enough! Is there anything else that would work to protect it? Or would it be safe without? I seem to recall a HD manufacturer...
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    Compaq Prolinea 4/50: Mystery connector

    Spent some time digging through the old Compaq Quickspecs CD...apparently they called your model a "Prolinea - Enhanced", at least for purposes of the CD info. For starters, here's a jumper settings list in case you need it: Couldn't find any specific info on the board, though I did find a...
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    HiFD Drive Driver/Software

    Does anyone out there have the driver and software for a 200Mb HiFD disk drive? I picked up an internal drive some years ago on ebay (type that is missing the bezel designed to go into an IBM PC), but no disks yet. I recently managed to acquire an external Sony drive on ebay, along with some...
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    Not-Yet-Vintage Parts Laptops

    I have two older laptops here that are headed to recycling, thought I would post in case someone is interested in either of them for any parts. Looking for the cost of shipping, and maybe a couple bucks for my time, but certainly not much! I just hate to recycle something that might be usable...
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    Game Boxes

    I have a stack of computer game boxes that I was given. I think I posted here a good while back, but got no response. At this point, they need to find a new home, or I'm going to have to trash them, which I'd rather not do! If you want them, they are yours (one or all) for the cost of...
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    IBM Portable PC 5155 for $1

    There's an auction house near me that has auctions pretty frequently. I dropped in today at lunchtime to see if I might could snag a couple of things that had caught my eye, and lo and behold, there sat an IBM Portable PC model 5155! A little dirty and maybe mildewey looking, but it was all...