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    The South FS: KayPro I Computer

    This was sold. Thank you!
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    Commodore 1311 joysticks - Are they really that bad?

    I like the "Slik-Stik". They are very durable (no little metal dimpels inside) and responsive. The funny thing is- the main joystick part is an auto tire valve!
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    Commodore 1525 Printer Ribbons

    Yes, but I only need one... :)
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    Intel "Chat Pad"?

    You did find a prototype ChatPad. Probably you will never find the PC Host software for it unless it was found at the same time, so it will not be useful.
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    Commodore 1525 Printer Ribbons

    I ended up just buying another printer that had a ribbon in it already, so hopefully I can make one of them work! Thanks, though. If anyone has spares, I would still like one.
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    1.2MB drive CANT read 360K

    You should not format and try to use 40-tracks on an 80-track drive. If you do, it will often not be compatible with a real 40-track drive. You will regret trying to do this in most cases unless you have a way to completely magnetically erase the disk.
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    Commodore 1525 Printer Ribbons

    So I picked up a really nice, almost new looking, CBM 1525. Turns out it basicallly *is* new- it still has the packing cover on the bar where the printer ribbon would go, but doesn't have a printer ribbon! Normally, that would be fine, I can spend a few bucks on a ribbon, but holy crap- they...
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    DIP Sockets - Which should I order?

    My experience with machine/round pin sockets seems to be the opposite of some. I don't understand the attraction. Every time I've tried to use them (repairing C64's, etc) the chips pop out of the sockets on me, or don't make good connection. Even worse using strips, since they can be different...
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    How toxic is old thermal paste (beryllium oxide)?

    Supposedly, Gasoline was a byproduct (waste) of producing Kerosene and was "discarded" for decades.
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    Found a Coco3 at Goodwill. Need help with diagnoses of problem.

    Nice find! Yes, after cleaning and reseating, I would suspect RAM. You may get lucky and that's all that it is.
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    Do you think Tim Patterson infringed on DRI's rights with QDOS/MSDOS?

    POSIX was in NT only so they could sell it to governments. :)
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    1541-II power supply mod for a regular off-the-shelf 2A/12V smps with barrel jack

    That's a nice idea and very clean work. I have a lot of trouble soldering to those DIN connectors.
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    Do you think Tim Patterson infringed on DRI's rights with QDOS/MSDOS?

    Yes. But... "legally"? I guess so.
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    Commodore 1541-2 Power requirements

    The 1541-II (and 1581, but not as much) is very sensitive to cheap power supplies. Make sure to get a good one that is actually CE rated (not just has the fake logo) or else open it up and fix the filtering. Most cheap ones have a bad or failing (or outright missing) smoothing cap, from being...
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    Damsel and Doctor in Distress

    It may take an experienced tech, or it may require a recovery specialist. Sounds like that may be tough in your part of the country. Sorry! Maybe someone here knows someone near you.
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    Damsel and Doctor in Distress

    I am predicting this 30+ year old system is dead for other reasons. It doesn't need a working monitor to function. If the photos were of this actual server, then the file system mount failed. End of line. Certainly they can still provide medical care, the "old fashioned" way. I have deal with...
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    Help! My Intel Inboard 386/PC is dead!

    Bummer... Unfortunately with old electronics, every power on can be it's last.
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    Any good resources for "near vintage" computing?

    That's pretty neat. It's a "kitchen computer" I think. It's meant to sit on the counter for housewives to use, back when those existed, and before everyone had an iPhone. Looks like you found the perfect spot in your kitchen.
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    Commodore 64 weird situation

    If not the power switch, something is pulling it down (short).