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    Other US Areas WTB: IBM PS/2 MCA SCSI card

    Hello, Looking for a working Microchannel SCSI card for the IBM PS/2(Model 30 with CPU upgrade). Anything that could possibly let me connect an internal SCSI drive with little issues. Please let me know and thanks!
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    Newly acquired CompuAdd 810 XT Clone

    Reviving this old thread... I found this beast (Compuadd 810) by the side of the road in a bunch of other techie junk. Power supply is good. There was no HDD or any other drives other than the original 5.25 FDD. My knowledge of 8088s is extremely limited. I go as far back as 286 only. Is there...
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    SCSI Magneto Optical drive, how to assign a letter to the drive....

    Howdy. In my quest to restoring an IBM L40sx with PSP-1 docking station I have come to a halt (see thread here http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?69631-IBM-L40SX-PSP-1-drivers-help ) the SCSI Magneto optical drive that came with it was shot but I found a different model replacement. I'm...
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    IBM L40SX PSP-1 drivers help....

    In an old barn find, I came across an IBM L40sx with the PSP-1 docking station. It was in terrible condition there were spiders and all sorts of critters inside both units. Anyway, here's a quick teardown (see pics below). The PSP-1 PSU had all leaky capacitors, it came loaded with the usual ISA...
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    Acculogic RAMpAt! bootable disk needed.

    I recently bought an Acculogic RAMpAt! card. I don't now if it works or If its a lemon but anyway, I found a driver online and I'm trying to test it but the software that I have doesn't seem to recognize any ram at all. Do I need the original bootable disk? or, is the Dallas DS1292 on board...
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    IBM PS/2 Intel Above Board 2 Plus ram type?

    Hello I recently bought an "Above Board 2 Plus" memory card for my PS/2 unit, it uses 30 pin simms however does anyone knows if it uses any specific type of ram? I have been trying to install it with little success. I have the correct ADf file and the PS/2 sees the Above card no problem but...
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    WTB: Intel Matched Memory Classic ISA EMS board.

    Hello, Looking to buy said board, the one that uses 1MB 30 pin modules up to 8MB. Please let me know your price. Thanks in advance!
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    Intel Snap In 386 Installation Diskette needed.

    Hello, I'm looking for the Installation diskette for the Intel Snap In 386 upgrade board. Any help or if you can point me in the right direction will be much appreciated. The software can be seen in one of the pics on this Ebay listing for example...
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    AOX Stax 286 to 386 upgrade board util needed..

    I've had this board for quite a while now (AOX Stax SX) module upgrade made for IBM PS/2's model 50 & 60. However, I've never tested it and I'm about to take an IBM model 50 out of storage and give it a go. Does anyone knows if there is some sort of utility that I can use to enable the onboard...
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    Microsolutions Backpack External HDD Ac adapter type?

    I just got a hold of this Microsolutions external parallel Hard drive but is missing the power supply. Does anyone knows what are the specs of the needed Ac adapter? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Microsolution backpack parallel cdrom with sound. DOS driver?

    I got a hold of this external parallel cd-rom drive that has a built-in 16-bit sound card (some models had it others didn't). Unfortunately the makers only offered drivers for windows3.1 and/or windows 95. They were supposedly looking into adding drivers for DOS but as far as I know that didn't...
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    WTB: IBM PS/2 L40SX Floppy Drive

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a compatible Floppy Disk Drive for the IBM L40sx laptop. I believe some models are: Panasonic JU-237A03W, JU-237A02W. If there's a way to install a modern FDD altogether please do tell. Thanks!
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    IBM MCA 2-8MB Memory P/N 15F8292 Help needed!

    Hello ya'll! I just scored an IBM model 50Z (286/10Mhz) . It was dead but after replacing a few caps in came right back. Unfortunately all of the cmos settings are gone. It came with one MCA ram card installed. I ran the reference disk for the unit but it said it needed the additional files for...
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    Ram Simm traces on board useful?

    Hello, I have a 486 motherboard that has 4X 30-pin simm connectors/sockets on board (2x dual) and there are additional traces for another 4 simms, If I were to solder the missing connectors, can the Mobo have use of them? They all seem to be wired properly. Thanks for any replies!
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    Microsolutions 1.4MB parallel FDD disassembly help needed.

    Hello, does anyone has any idea how to take apart one of these? (the parallel 1.4MB FDD drive seen in the box pic below) . I've been trying for a couple of hours with little success, almost seems like I'm going to break it instead :( . One of the rear connectors is a little loose and I'd like to...
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    Microsolutions Backpack parallel daisy-chaining devices help needed.

    I recently got a hold of an external Microsolutions 1.4Mb floppy disk drive and I'm trying to install it but I'm having some issues. The pc that I'd like to install this is an Amstrad Mega PC (with 486 Cyrix upgrade running WIn95/DOS). Basically, I already have an external Microsolutions...
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    Microsolutions 1.4MB External Parallel Floppy Drive Win95 Driver needed.....

    Hello, I got a hold of this external parallel Microsolutions Backpack 1.4 Floppy Drive unit (see photo below). Does anybody knows where can I find a driver for Windows 95se or point me in the right direction please? All I've been able to find if this flyer that indicates that there must be...
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    Everex EV-159 Dip switches help needed.

    Hello, I just got said card and I don't know much about it. I really want to test it more than anything. It has all of the ram slots filled so I'm assuming it has 3MB on board. I'm going to set it up for the test on the Sega/IBM Teradrive that has 512Kb of base memory and 2X 1MB simms making a...
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    WTB Lo-tech 2MB EMS board (no chips required)

    Hello, does anyone here has a spare unpopulated Lo-tech 2MB EMS board that can part with?. Please let me know and thanks!
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    BOCARAM/AT Software needed..

    Hello, looking for the BOCARAM/AT 16-bit ISA memory card software/driver. Please let me know if you have it or can point me in the right direction. Thanks!