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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Your eye sight is better than mine! Thanks.
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    I couldn't tell which way was right, but did originally have it the other way. I hope it didn't damage the circuit either!
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Thanks for the help. I can't quite tell what type of RTC it is. But I did try adjusting the dip switches again, with no luck. Just the same 101 error. I'm guessing it's probably just broke, but luckily the rest of it works okay.
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    This is helpful, thanks for doing this!
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    I bet this is the problem -- I did see these settings on Stason, but as I re-review it now, I see my brain assumed SW1 was on the left side and SW2 on the right, but it's actually reversed. Looks like I flipped the wrong switch. I'll try it again this weekend when I have some time to play with...
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Thanks. I gave it a try, but get a msg 101 (Clock hardware isn't working) message. Do you think the problem is the battery, or something else?
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Just curious if anyone knows what type of battery this board takes? Looks like a 2032.
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    Repair service for Mac 128k/512k?

    The monitor/CRT is no longer turning on (blank screen) on my old Mac 512k. I have no idea how to troubleshoot or repair it. I can't seem to find a repair service online. Is this something my local electronics repair shop could do? Are there people here who offer such services? Thanks in...
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    Recommendations for external floppy drive for an IBM 5160/XT?

    I currently have a 1.2mb floppy inside my IBM XT, but as you're probably aware, there are inconvenient compatibility issues with 360K floppies. And since the other bays are already occupied, I'd like to get an External 360K Floppy Drive for it, but I'm not sure which one to get. At least, I'm...
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    Do you remember these IBM Floppy Disks?

    Does anyone remember when these floppy disks were made/sold? There's no copyright on it, but one of the labels on the side say it is for the PS/2 computer, which I'm thinking places this around 1987-1993. I don't recall seeing these sold in stores back in the day, and find it interesting that...
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    Here's a mystery for you... floppy disk destroying floppy drives?

    I know this sounds crazy but... A neighborhood lady asked if anyone wanted her old 3.5" floppies. I scooped them up! I took them home and started with my USB floppy drive. Here's what I did: I inserted some of MY floppies first, and it works (like it always has). I inserted one of HER...
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    Difference between AST SixPack Plus and AST MegaPlus II?

    I've noticed the AST SixPack Plus and MegaPlus II come up for sale from time to time, and on the surface, they appear to provide much of the same functionality. They were even made around the same time. My question is, does anyone know what specifically were different about these 2 add-on...
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    IBM EGA 5154 Repair wanted

    I managed to get one of the elusive 5154's on eBay, but as it often happens, it arrived damaged, with no love from the seller. I haven't tried to turn it on yet, so I'm not sure if the CRT itself is bad, however, there was some cosmetic damage to the corners, and the CRT has recessed into the...
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    Microsoft Mach 20 Drivers needed

    Hello, I'm in need of the original software/drivers that went with the Microsoft Mach 20 286/287 Accelerator card (specifically mach20.sys, m20cache.com, etc). There were actually 2 disks that came with it, but one of them went bad on me. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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    WTB: Zenith Eazy PC

    Looking to buy the infamous Zenith Eazy PC (I think these are mostly circa late 80s). I'm specifically looking for the model that has the hard drive. These things are getting hard to find! Thanks.
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    122mb MFM drive with ST506 Controller problem

    Hello, For fun, I decided to upgrade the hard drive in my XT with the following hardware: 1) MicroScience HH-1120 122 MB RLL Drive, settings: http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/microscience/HH-1120-122MB-5-25-HH-RLL-ST506.html 2) NDC-5427 (NCL-5427) Controller Card, settings...
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    8-bit floppy controller that supports 1.44mb

    If anyone out there has a 8-bit floppy controller card that has its own BIOS to support 1.44mb floppies, I'm in great need of one! :-) Thanks, Mike
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    Wanting IBM 5154 EGA monitor

    If anyone has/knows where I can get one of these hard-to-find items (so it seems), would be grateful! (On a side note, I wonder if they were ever sold with XTs, or just with ATs and later?)
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    Quadram memory expansion question

    Fellow vintage enthusiasts, While working on some upgrades for my IBM XT 5160, I bought a Quadram memory expansion card off of eBay for a couple of bucks. No docs or software was provided, so I'm a little in the dark. It's supposed to be a 768k board (not sure if that really means...
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    IBM XT 5160 with 5153 Monitor and CGA prob

    Hello, Apologize if this isn't the right forum or if it's been discussed before (didn't see it when searching), but I'm having the following problem after trying to 'upgrade' my XT from a mono display to CGA: I recently discovered that my XT (1986) has a mono/cga switch on it. It's a...