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    car usb charger input

    i need a bit of input. i was wanting to install a couple usb power ports in my truck. i was thinking about using a voltage regulator L7805CV. now the thing i am not sure of is if i need a capacitor. i was told i night need a capacitor that is rated between 5-100uF and 15 volts or more to protect...
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    Ebay bucks rewards program

    i was just on ebay looking around and seen this. looks interesting. i might be able to start saving some money off future ebay purchases maybe. http://pages.ebay.ca/rewards/terms.html?ssPageName=STRK:VI:LNLK:TCS
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    cheap security camera.

    someone keeps breaking into my truck and it is pissing me off. its not like i keep anything important in it. even the ownership for it is in my toolbox. i am planing on installing a cheap security alarm that i got for free but i was also thinking about installing a security camera since there is...
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    VGA to 4pin S-video AV 3RCA TV Cable Converter Adapter

    i was wondering if anyone has tried one? i was looking at some computer parts and stuff on various web sites and came across one. i thought it would be great if it worked because my old laptop died an my new laptop does not have any video output besides the VGA output. here is one i found on...
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    acer aspire x1200 automatic shutoff temps

    my friend dropped of his computer for me to take a look at a week ago and i have not been having much luck keeping it working. when he first gave it to me it was full of dust and the fins on the heat sync were pack with dust and crap. the fan on the video card was seized and caused video card to...
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    what do you use your "later PC's" for?

    i know they make pretty decent servers and are good for playing older games. i was just wondering what other People use there "later PC's" for?
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    PC DIAGNOSTIC 4-Digit CARD Motherboard POST Tester

    http://cgi.ebay.com/PC-DIAGNOSTIC-4-Digit-CARD-Motherboard-POST-Tester-/250557078948?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a565d9da4#ht_2968wt_952 i found this on ebay and a couple of years ago i had looked into buying one and it was way out of my budget but now they seem to be so cheap...
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    mail server MX records?

    how do i make a MX record. is it a file that is put in my web servers main directory or something. i'm using a free address from dyndns.org.
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    generator keeps blowing led lights

    i have a generator for my bike and i recently decided to install it on the bike that i am currently using. i haven't seen the origanal lights that came with the generator for over 2 year so they are probably long gone or destroyed, so i went down to the dollar store and they had this rear light...
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    problem with installing a CD drive on a 286

    i have been having some bad luck trying to install a internal cd drive on my 286 and so i tried installing an external drive. the drivers for the external drive load successfully but i still cannot access the drive. i know i'm missing something so any help is apreciated. i got some pictures. thanks
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    Acroloop ACR 8000 value

    i have a Acroloop ACR 8000 and i was wondering if it is worth anything. i pulled it out of a working computer. here is some info on it. i have no clue if it works or not or how to test it. the computer i did pull it from did have cnc software and seemed to run good. thanks.
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    memory testing software

    what is the best memory testing software out there? i have tons of memory and i plan on testing some time and i need a software that will do a thorough job. what do you guys recommend? i plan on doing all this testing on one of my many 486's.
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    wanting to build a 286 webserver

    i want to build a 286 web server. i need some idea's for software and some help with hardware compatibility. i am using this motherboard http://www.alternativetech.net/th99/m/U-Z/32215.htm. i am using a wd90c31-lr video card, and i'm not sure what network card to use. i have only 3 isa network...
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    Power Mac 5400/180 operating system

    i have 2 Power Mac 5400/180 and they both work but the only problem is the operating system is in french. i was thinking about doing an upgrade to the harddrive also. i'm more of a pc person so i was wondering if some could mabe point me in the direction of where i could get an iso of the...
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    Scanning a CPU with a scanner (Was: question)

    is it safe to scan proccessor using a scanner? it won't ruin them would it? i had thought about taking picture but scanning them would seem more resonable.
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    Sun Moon Star 286 (Was: help)

    i have this 286 sun moon star computer and i am trying to find the jumper settings for it. i was capable of getting it to boot. i have been doing alot of research and been coming up with nothing. any help would be appreciated.