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    Toshiba CD-rom drive halts entire computer when listening cd-audio

    I have this weird issues that I never noticed until I tested my Toshiba 4X cd-rom drive in my older computer. In the current one (pentium 166Mhz MMX, Win95) it plays just fine, no issue, but as soon as I tested it in my 486 computer, first it crashed a dos game I was trying but then I realized...
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    Trying to install cache coast module for IBM Aptiva 2144

    I would want to max out my Aptiva and thought about installing cache modules but I have the issue that each time the bios won't boot at all. I checked that the jumper (0-256kb or 256-512kb) is set correctly etc. but no matter what I do, it will stop after memory check and floppy seek test...
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    recovery for deleted files in 286 dos 3.30?

    Damn it, I can't find any free programs to do file recovery under 286 dos computer. At best free programs require 386 or better. The computer is using DOS 3.30. Please help.
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    Replacement for U32 chip (cassette basic)

    In my '83 IBM 5150 the U32 chip was apparently corrupted or something because it gives me "FC00 ROM" error. I tried reseating the chip but it didn't make any difference. I tested that I could use U32 chip from my older '81 machine but I was wondering if I could erase and burn the faulty U32 again?
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    5150 power source interference noise

    I got another 5150 with original 60w power source but this one makes weird high pitched noise constantly when the letters appear on screen (it doesn't make the sound with only underline cursor on screen). It's some kind of interference noise because it reacts to everything on the screen and...
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    3-pin jumper on Tandon floppy drive?

    I have 4 Tandons and one of them seems to contain this 3-pin jumper in the backside while all of the rest are having only empty soldered spots there. What was the function of this jumper?
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    Miniscribe 8425 doesn't turn on

    I have got this card within another 5150 PC but it doesn't power up, or to be more exact, doesn't start to spin. When powering up, there's no sounds coming out and there's only the red led blinking constantly in specific pattern loop (rapid blinks, rapid blinks, longer blink). Is there anything...
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    IBM Model F keyboard disassemble

    Hi. In my 5150 PC keyboard the spacebar works fine when pressed from center area but can't be pressed from either extreme sides as it only wobbles up and down so I wonder if it's normal or something broken? I recall reading that in order to reach spacebar you have to disassemble everything else...
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    How to get AWE32's wavetable working in DOS?

    My AWE32 is CT3780. I want to get onboard EMU8000 wavetable into dos games but no matter what settings I am using it is always mute. The wavetable is working fine when testing with diagnose program and it's all working correctly in windows 3.1 but it never works in any dos game I have tried...
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    Unknown EGA multicard with serial&parallel

    I bought this exactly same card as in here: https://www.recycledgoods.com/itt-400980-001-ega-video-card/ Here's also the fcc if: https://fccid.io/FLN6RJMBC-EGA The problem is that I need to figure out the jumper settings to disable parallel and serial connection but I couldn't find anything...
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    IBM 5150 PC speaker watts?

    I noticed that in my IBM the pc speaker on the backside lable says 0.2w while in later machines like my 286 it's always 0.5w instead. Does this mean that you can't replace 0.2w speaker with 0.5w? Anyone knows why there's such difference?
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    Sharp PC-6220 286 laptop, complete setup (Europe)

    All the photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bgf74479sa7gaz1/AAB3katEKaIhknIfqqd1d2oUa?dl=0 For sale, very rare in this complete setup, a business laptop from 1990. - 286 Processor, 12 Mhz (CPU speed and bus speed are setup as pairs; 12Mhz/6Mhz, 7.16Mhz/7.16Mhz or 6Mhz/6Mhz)...
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    Hyundai Super-16T complete EGA setup (8088 dual speed) (Europe)

    All the photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vj5ghk25puics8f/AAAvoliARr4XGrFpsYt81Tysa?dl=0 For sale, very rare computer in this greatly preserved complete setup ever since it was bought around 1987-88. I just couldn't bring myself to separate these things (I originally bought...
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    PC speaker louder in PC/XT machines than AT?

    I have noticed that the pc speaker is clearly louder in my IBM 5150 than in my 286 although both uses same size speakers. Why is that? Is there a difference in speaker itself or is it "hotter signal" from the motherboard? More interestingly I received Hyundai Super-16T which is XT compatible...
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    Upgrading XT-compatible computer 8088-2 8Mhz into NEC V20 10Mhz

    In my EGA computer, Hyundai Super-16T, it's 8088-2 processor and with dip switches it's able to change between 4.77Mhz to 8Mhz. There are a few EGA games that would need at least a slight boost so could I upgrade it into 10Mhz? Does V20 8Mhz make any difference to 8088-2 8Mhz? I don't need...
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    question about realtime clock

    Maybe a stupid question but couldn't find any info after searches. When using DOS 2 or 3, how can I stop it asking time and date each time? My computer even has coin battery in the motherboard but the dos boot still asks for it even though the battery is working.
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    8088-II 8Mhz vs. 286 8Mhz is not same?

    I have got this very fancy full set of Hyundai Super-16T EGA setup with HCM-1420 EGA monitor including all the manuals, drivers and utilities. The computer contains 8088-II processor which you can manually set between 4.77Mhz and 8Mhz. The computer itself was made to be PC/XT compatible...
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    Service manual for Hyundai HCM-1420 EGA monitor

    I have this same EGA monitor and even with max brightness the picture is still so dark that it's uncomfortable to play. Did you open your monitor? Is there brightness trimmer inside so I could remedy this issue? Can you adjust it while it's standing on table? I used my multisync monitor as...
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    Multisync monitor option in early VGA cards

    I have this early 8-bit VGA card called Paradise Pvga. It contains dip switch settings for: - Switch 1 Monitor Type. ON: Multi frequency, OFF: Standard VGA - Switch 2 VGA Mode Switching Style. ON: PS/2 Style - All modes available on all monitors, OFF: PC/AT Style - color on color, mono on mono...
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    Tandon floppy drive went bad out of blue

    Just suddenly out of nowhere the Tandon floppy drive started malfunctioning in my IBM 5150. It worked perfectly before but now suddenly it can't read disks anymore and can barely format but the disks are still unreadable. Formatting also makes louder noise so I think the head somehow misaligned...